Saturday, July 3, 2010

Loving the works of Chugtai M.A.R ... the great Indian Master ...

Hiraman Tota
Housed in the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) , Delhi ... are some of the most priceless and beautiful works of  legendry Indian artists ... some of them dating back to times before the politically motivated partitioning of India and Pakistan ... Chugtai M.A.R ... is one of those ... up there, on the wall of India's Grandmasters ...

Omar Khayyam
... I recently swiped from my mother-in-law ... the prints of some of his works ... can't help but be drawn to these pieces ... talking about works of an artist of his stature ... I honestly feel I got to go mind my own bussiness ... but I love these works and here is what I feel about them ... (all professional art critics please excuse ) ... :) 

... there's some thing very dainty about his strokes and the features of his subjects... I love the way he draws the eyes ... the  sway in his strokes  is makes me want to hum along :) ... there is a sure marked styling ref . to the miniature style paintings, of Mughal India and Persia ...

 ... some of his these works are tempera on paper ... and ofcourse his subjects are from all over the subcontinent ... be it this Radha-Krishan in Dream ... or OmarKhayyam ... Hiraman Tota ... Laila ... with the Islamic references ...

... hope you also enjoyed the work of Chugtai M.A.R ... an artist who lived (1899-1975) ... even before I was born ... :) but is loved and revered to this day ... one of the great Indian Masters ... :)

Image source ... unknown


  1. Beautiful post, Rajee. Thanks for introducing me to Chugtai M.A.R.

  2. Awesome... awesome post Rajee.. The work of a true master!!

  3. these. They are speechless pieces of Art. So proud to know yet another Master. Thank you Rajee for sharing this tremendous post.

  4. Потрясающе красивые и чувственные картины! Спасибо!

  5. Hi Komali,
    YOu are always very welcome ... :)

  6. Hi Patricia,
    I so love it ... glad you enjoyed them too ... :)

  7. Hi Suman,
    Gald you enjoyed them ... :)

  8. Hi Juliana,
    ые аре абсолутелы ригхт сенсуал ис тхе ворд фор хис ворк .Ловелы то хеар фром ые.тханкс то гугле транслатор ... вондерфул то гет акросайт то ые.

  9. Thanks so much for introducing his work to us. You have an amzing eye for all this work. Another artist I like which might be of interest to you is Arvind Kolakar.

  10. Hi Ritu,
    Appreciate your leaving me such lovely comments ... its very gratifying to be appreciated for what I truly enjoy doing ... and now I really must read up more about the artist you mention... :)