Our Brick n Mortar Store


Hi! Welcome to our blog ... what started out as one of India's first few blogs on Styling and Designing Interiors ... is today a Luxury Boutique Home Store.

Our blog continues to be a space where we share all about the goings on at ... Rajee Sood, a boutique home store.We do at the same time remain committed to talking about styling and design as has been the tradition on this blog for the last ... 9yrs.

Our journey started as an Interior Designer expressing her personal take on design and aesthetics ... moving on to launch of the Label - Rajee Sood in 2010 ... we design products for the home ... dabble in textiles ...  curating our first show in 2011. All along continuing with our design projects ... which have ranged from residences to restaurants ... exhibition spaces at India Design ... and also retail design.

Each day ... week ... month  ... at work for us ... is like an adventure trip ... meeting and working with people from across the globe. It is a funny moment to realise how we are all so similar in what we love and what makes us all happy.
It is a crazy...heady ... intoxicating ...  mix of emotions to meet all the creative people following their passions and redefining the professions out there.

Our Brick -n - Mortar store opened 15th June 2017 ... we are thrilled for all the new experiences it has brought to our design studios ... the new people who are now part of Rajee Sood Home team ... and we continue to share with you all our adventures as they unfold.

P.S -  We are not a content generating blog ...  request all such related PR professionals to excuse us.
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