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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Rendezvous - India Art Fair 2020 ... :)

 I was glad to have made it to the India Art Fair and give a slip to the frenzy that is the weekends. It surely felt more relaxed to take in all the art work and admire the ones I liked ... for the simple fact that I liked them for my personal reasons ... good point, I realize 'cause we are talking about art, here ... right?
Like the pieces in the image above ... the earthy colours sure appeal  ... but did love that feel of watching it through a fog and mist. It instantly reminded me ... that I have been wanting to do giant water colours for the longest no. of years and of course that statuesque doesn't look like is going to change anytime soon ... ;) ... but well I found my connection to this art piece.

 Walking the aisle's ... I can't help take in all the details that they put in the display's ... being an exhibition space designer ...I know, it looks fabulous all done ... but its a whole different ball game when you start with a blank canvas.
every designer gets asked a lot ... 'I just can't visualize, art on my walls and so I am very scared to venture into buying an expensive piece' ... oh ! these venues are just the right place to start with your inspirations and also to put an end to any doubts about the place of art in your life and on your walls.

... my daughter 's first question at looking at this image was ... 'sooo ... are those benches there as an art piece or are they there for what they are supposed to be for ...' :)) ...  figure that darling, that all the reason we love art ... its an art show ... that's how lovely life in an art world is ... find your expression and reason and logic ... that is if at all you feel a feed for that last bit. 

 ...love the art  ... but then the display can do a lot of talking too ... or put an end to it ... if you know what I mean, when you stopped at a artpiece or walked pass one ...

 that woman isn't me ... but I was just as intrigued ... ;) ... pretty sure I was in many a shots clicked ... pouring over the details of this particular painting ...

'I am a citizen of that ruined place' ... installation art in porcelain by artist Shaurya Kumar ... I was not sure how to respond to the irony of those words ... suddenly overwhelmed by the thoughts in my own heart ... the reality of my current times ... :( and lets just leave it at that ... 
But Shaurya Kumar ... they do say an artist is always ahead of his time ... :( ... you got us all ...

Not ashamed, at all to say ... some pieces just call me ... 'cause the colours just do that charming number on me ... after all isn't it about that relationship between me an art ... well ! there ... if colours get me ... that is my reason to love ... :) 
Judge me  ... ;) ... sure by all means ... :))

 And then starts the romance with the old masters ... a picture cannot justify the way the details of the works ... and ... those are what are making me crush over so many masterpieces here this year ...

 Kshendranath Majumdar's, Krishna ... another heart stealing moment ... I love the resemblance of his work with Chugtai's. But I am in love ... almost fantasizing the idea of an art heist ... :)) ... glad its just a romanticized idea in my head ... in reality I 'd be singing looney tunes ... what with all the overwhelming lot of pieces I lost my heart to this Saturday.

 Ramachandran's works ... always the kind that stop you in your step, until you give it a once over ... the green skin tone of his protagonist and the signature parrot ... yes it is a Ramachandran. A bad picture of a gorgeous  work ... my bad ladies and gentleman... ;)

 Laxma Goud ... another of my fav. artist ... the glare of the over head lights is a really bad excuse I will use to not having been able to get better shots of his works ...

 Manjit Bawa ... this collection of his sketches ... is all that one can ask for ...  to have in your life, a minimalistic Indian Art. My personal preference over the paintings ... :)

oh ! was I fantasizing an art heist, :)) ... silly fantasies ... I tell you  ... telling me in my head, how these classic pieces of unknown artists sure add into list of pieces I'd bag ... ;) 
I was recently invited by one of our customer's to come view this couple's personal collection of Indian art and a painting of Noorjahan ... had me ... I mean it really had me floored ... and after that to see these stunning works with all the detailing ... :) ... one sure feels proud of our art legacy and envy of the one who'd own such precious pieces of Indian art history.

 One of those pieces that garners long drawn conversations with many who throw at us how ... their little one can do it too ... infact, I hit upon just the right book at the book shop... 'about how your 4yr. old can't do it ... :) ... yes ... they can't ... Modern pieces of art ... I am available for a serious conversation on that ... at our store ... if ever you feel you cannot figure why they don't deserve the credit that they get.
To every abstract artist out there ... hats off to you all ... and RESPECT ...

 Coming back to the legends ... for me ... it was nice as I walked through the Art Show ... to find pieces that put an art in front of some of the names we grew up with ... :) ...

This one too, I can bag and take home ... :) ... ok, so not all pichwai cut it for me ... the architectural ones sure allure me ... but pieces like this in black fabric, painted with natural pigments ... it sure sails my boat.
On that art heist front ... do they bag their pieces or carton them ... do they get porters before hand or muscle power it themselves ... wee ... the more I think of it ... more it looks physical challenge could be  stumbling block ... more then anything else ... ;))

 Overall, I loved the show ... some lovely books in the book shop ... great coffee ... and I say Saturday was a shooting success ... Oh! wait  ... we did make it to inauguration of Kingston's solo show at India Habitat ... :)) ... well ! lets just take that up in our next post should we ... I got a few pieces bleeding my heart there too ... ;)

Monday, September 16, 2019

Meanwhile at home ... ;)

 There is always new and exciting things happening at the store ... but since the focus of all our shoots has moved from my home to other locations ... well ! the home front is facing the typical issues of a ... woops - daisy ... its all falling apart ...

 And surely with the scale of my working with colours and textures having gone up so drastically ...  I am not enjoying what used to feel so inviting ... I need to decompress when it comes to colour ... I think simplify the lines ... bring in more Zen feeling  ... less complicated. Yup! tall order ... for myself.
All my walls are so ready for some freshness ... there are tell tale signs of the fav. doggie rubbing spots ... rather obviously visible in tones of black and grimme ... the upholstery and tapestries are all telling their tales ... :) And those questioning smirks from fellow members of this household are getting the point across to me ... loud and clear.

 So while I have my work cut out at the home front and work front ... lets see how I do the balancing act that all working mom's are for ever struggling with ... well! how about just starting out with some ... breathe in ... breathe out ... I can do this ... yes I can ... breathe in  ... breathe out ... oh ! help me Lord ... breathe in ... breathe out ...  oh! hell ... breathe  ... breathe ... breathe ........... ;)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Charming a soggy Wednesday ... my way ... :)

The neighbours down the street just got their bamboo pruned and we got a bounty of greens. Since I don't have bamboo in my garden this new look has me totally charmed ... as in totally ... :) 

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Table Linen to mix match and create eclectic style ... all your own ... :)

 Recently, I had fun co-ordinating for a customer ... our different table linen pieces. That is actually how I conceptualize my designs on the drawing board. Our this collection was in turquoise and fuscia ... guess I wanted to go summer casual. But pairing them with our antique finish votives and hurricane's ... we went down that very exciting road to eclectic style.

 In our cushions collection we included the gorgeous turquoise stripes and also fuscia with touch of canary yellow for our beautiful  rectangular cushions.

 With a tiny detail of Cori Shells with our solid table runners ... we give you more character to the table setting ... pair these with our solid mats or mats in the stripes too.

 When it comes to napkins we have an assortment of block printed cotton napkins to let your imagination add your very personal stamp on your table setting.

 This has been so exciting  ... not just for all the creative energy that flows in the store on such days ... but  getting our customers to feel like kids in a candy store is doubly gratifying ... :)
We do hope to add more eclectic ideas to our range and help you create a perennial source of creative ideas for you.
As always ... I feel so humbled and at the same time indebted to our customers who come in and in no time feel like we've been friends for ever ... perks of my job I guess ... :)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

A quick hello ... from all of us here at Rajee Sood Home ... :)

Its sultry and no fun weather here in North India ... as much as my heart yearns for the mountains and I am sure I can survive on a diet of peaches ... plums and apricots ... annnd ... may be some potatoes and beans ... ;)
For some wordly wise reason I am here ... all ... muggy ... hot and bothered. With no sign of loosing even a ounce of calories for all this suffering ... ;)
The only saving grace  is all the excitement brewing  at the store. We do have a lovely event coming up. And I look forward to sharing all about it with you all real soon. Hope you do stay tuned for our next post ...  and love it as much as I am enjoying working on this event ... :)
As for all my readers in Mumbai ... ;) ... ahmmm ... not sure what's worse my hot and bothersome weather or yours ... walking around in soggy socks monsoon ... :)
Have a great day folks ... no matter what weather you are enjoying ... monsoon's ... heatwave or hail storm ... ;)

Saturday, June 29, 2019

And a Happy 2nd Anniversary to us ...

We got a bit caught up in posting this post ... but it is been a very thrilling and exhilarating last 15 days. It feels like just yesterday we were getting hee-bee-gee-bees ... setting an opening date for our store and then woopsy-daisy ... we are already 2 years old ... :)

 We have had to bid good bye to one of our team members ... as she moves on in life Happily Married and all ... :) ... and we have a new member joining us ... looking at all our old pictures ... we do realize we have come a long way.

The team has been busy as we transform our upper floor into a full fledged ... cushion and accent furniture section. Our customers can now enjoy the luxury of a more spacious place to select and make combinations ... see the furniture pieces in an actual set up.

Infact putting together a personalized look right in store ... got even more easy and exciting.

Our current setup is already sold out and we are looking forward to a new selection come through in July.

While you were busy holidaying in the tropical islands ... we were having a similar feeling setting up our tropical window for the Anniversary Sale... ok... so may be the beach was missing ... ;)

Its been a super exciting 2yrs. we have tons of thanks to send out to all of you  ... who passionately follow us ... through our blogging years ... our online store years and now as a bric -n -mortar store ... :)

                      ...........   THANKYOU, FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND PATRONAGE   ...........
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