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Sunday, June 9, 2019

A day in a designer's life ...

Last 21 yrs. as an Interior designer ... 11 yrs as a design blogger ... 7 yrs. as a design retailer ... and almost 2 yrs as a design boutique store owner. And almost always  ... the joy of this journey ... are the stories of our collaborations ... :)

 It thrills me no end when artists ... artisans ... master craftsmen and designers reach out to explore new projects with us.

Our first tryst with shooting jewellery ... and yes, we are cooking a special something ... that we hope to share in a few weeks time.

This particular shoot took us two days ... oh ! yes ... I learnt my lesson about gems and jewelry and that  slightest shift of light ... ;) Have been shooting homes and home accents since 1999 ... but jewelry is so much of interest packed in so tiny an area that it is unbelievable how light can throw all your plans for a toss. Especially for photographers like me who love to shoot in natural light.
Hope I have you intrigued enough to look forward to this interesting shoot and even more interesting story of the designer ...coming soon.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Client Stories ... Styling with Rajee Sood Home ... products ... :)

 At Rajee Sood Home ... we are always building on interesting stories that our customers share with us. Styling with our products has always earned us happy feedback.
Studio Fiore ... all the way from Roorkee adds another lovely story to our repertoire.

Interesting details from this very glamourous renovation project undertaken by the Studio Fiore team. Seen in the image are the woven linen throw cushions from our newest Summer range ... along with our cutsie - tootsie owls in distress finish ... the ammonite replica in wood ... adding so much character to this classy space.
Truly appreciate their sharing these lovely pictures with us. Look forward to a long and interesting design journey with yet another design studio. May the tribe grow.

Friday, May 17, 2019

A quick hello ... and snatching a few quiet momemts at home.

 Trying out some new designs and combinations at home ... before we start work on a new collection.

 A hot mug of coffee ... deep contemplation's ... and suddenly it is sinking in ... my own home is way overdue for a fresh look. Another challenge ... cause there isn't a more difficult project then your own space. Nothing more challenging then pleasing your own family.

 It is always exciting to think of a redo ... but soooo ... challenging to imagine all your collections from a new perspective.

So whenever ... it is that the renovations begin ... I know one thing for sure ... its time to create a neutral palate to come home to. The space I can come back to recharge ... can no longer be the reflections of the colours I work with all day.
Not sure if you have this situation in your life too ... but we interior designers sure have this funny predicament. And each deals with it in their own unique way.
 ... :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Indian Summer Look at Rajee Sood Home ....

Its summer time again ... and up here ... in North India ... its cool style as usual ... ;)

 ... in our signature style we are blending different textile weaves this season too ... cotton and jute weaves in sunshine yellow and tones of beige.

My absolute favorite are ofcourse our woven linen pieces. Designing these is truly, a kid in a candy store feeling for me. And imagine my joy ... when my supplier gleefully brings me even more interesting linen, woven in different thickness and designs. Yes, it is my wee-hee moment.

Pair all our textiles with our hand blown glassware in summer tones of tropical blue and emerald green. And you have me dreaming of summertime lunch's with lemonaid ... ooooor ... top that with may be a Sangria pitcher  ... :) ... ok ... go all out have a punch party ... :)
We'll take care of all your entertaining details with our table linen. Pick from our range of cotton block prints ... or the understated chic linen collection.

A cool summer style ... with our home accents. We collect pieces, so that styling your homes is easy and effortless for you all.

The bejeweled looking hurricanes and votive ... make for beautiful accents and planters. You can pick from our rose gold or antique gold colours. 

We open Mon.'s by Appointment only. Feel Free to call us at 0124 4005007 ... to book yourself  a personal shopping experience with us OR an inhouse design consultation.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Project Diaries by Rajee Sood Design Studio

A recent project that we enjoyed doing at the Export Promotion Council's ... EPCH, Spring 2019 Fair.
Our client this time is an export house ... with a standing of more than 30 years in the industry. 

Blend of gorgeous moroccan lights with accent furniture ... throw pillows table accesories.

Then ofcourse, there are the greens, cut from my garden that have to make way into the final look of our projects.

The task to create a focus for every product and design. Makes exhibition space design daunting to challenging and finally after the entire gamut of emotions ... its very thrilling. International Trade Fair is always a treat for designers. Designing at such a platform even more refreshing.
And now it is back to designing at our boutique store. It is summer time and we are at our design boards ... working on new collections ... new ideas ... and daring to dream bigger dreams... :)

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Happy Basant ... 2019

 Its the day we mark first day of spring in India ... the season of Basant for us ... a very short and sweet one ... but never the less we celebrate it with a lot love. As for our team at Rajee Sood Home ... our window is all ready.

  ... our cushions in bright yellow mark our window with the symbolic Basant Panchami colour.

... last year we had bright yellow flowers all over the outside of the store ... this year ... we brought in tons of greens and these cutsie- toosie buterflies flutters on our glass panels ...

our styling projects get the team so excited ... that this year they just could not wait for me ... while I have been a bit distracted with other projects ... the butterflies were all cut out and ready ... thank God I arrived on time ... or ... else no telling where all they'd be fluttering around. 

Growing up close to nature ... I realise now ... my subconscious craves to see the seasons change.While just a few miles out of the city the mustard fields are burgeoning with yellow colour blossoms... that sway in the gentle breeze ... under the soft winter sun rays. Yess ... yesssss ... nostalgic much ... :))

Well, as for us city dwelling designers ... we bring the nature in ... in our own version.

 Hope you enjoyed a peek into our boutique store window ... here's to a great year and a beautiful spring.

                           ....................        HAPPY BASANT TO YOU ALL         .................

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Passing of a Legend ... Mario Buatta

pic. courtsey ... pinterest

Call him the prince of Chintz ... or the legendery Interior Designer ... either way his signature style is something that leaves an impression on anyone studying the art of Interior Design. For me its been more then 20 yrs ... but it feels like just like yesterday ... sitting in my design school library and going through his books and books about his works ... it was always awe inspiring. Yes, it was intriguing... how a man could have a style so subtle. Sure his love for Chintz is not miss able ... but his use of the colour and details was just as amazing.
His demise sure leaves a void.

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