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Monday, September 16, 2019

Meanwhile at home ... ;)

 There is always new and exciting things happening at the store ... but since the focus of all our shoots has moved from my home to other locations ... well ! the home front is facing the typical issues of a ... woops - daisy ... its all falling apart ...

 And surely with the scale of my working with colours and textures having gone up so drastically ...  I am not enjoying what used to feel so inviting ... I need to decompress when it comes to colour ... I think simplify the lines ... bring in more Zen feeling  ... less complicated. Yup! tall order ... for myself.
All my walls are so ready for some freshness ... there are tell tale signs of the fav. doggie rubbing spots ... rather obviously visible in tones of black and grimme ... the upholstery and tapestries are all telling their tales ... :) And those questioning smirks from fellow members of this household are getting the point across to me ... loud and clear.

 So while I have my work cut out at the home front and work front ... lets see how I do the balancing act that all working mom's are for ever struggling with ... well! how about just starting out with some ... breathe in ... breathe out ... I can do this ... yes I can ... breathe in  ... breathe out ... oh ! help me Lord ... breathe in ... breathe out ...  oh! hell ... breathe  ... breathe ... breathe ........... ;)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Charming a soggy Wednesday ... my way ... :)

The neighbours down the street just got their bamboo pruned and we got a bounty of greens. Since I don't have bamboo in my garden this new look has me totally charmed ... as in totally ... :) 

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Table Linen to mix match and create eclectic style ... all your own ... :)

 Recently, I had fun co-ordinating for a customer ... our different table linen pieces. That is actually how I conceptualize my designs on the drawing board. Our this collection was in turquoise and fuscia ... guess I wanted to go summer casual. But pairing them with our antique finish votives and hurricane's ... we went down that very exciting road to eclectic style.

 In our cushions collection we included the gorgeous turquoise stripes and also fuscia with touch of canary yellow for our beautiful  rectangular cushions.

 With a tiny detail of Cori Shells with our solid table runners ... we give you more character to the table setting ... pair these with our solid mats or mats in the stripes too.

 When it comes to napkins we have an assortment of block printed cotton napkins to let your imagination add your very personal stamp on your table setting.

 This has been so exciting  ... not just for all the creative energy that flows in the store on such days ... but  getting our customers to feel like kids in a candy store is doubly gratifying ... :)
We do hope to add more eclectic ideas to our range and help you create a perennial source of creative ideas for you.
As always ... I feel so humbled and at the same time indebted to our customers who come in and in no time feel like we've been friends for ever ... perks of my job I guess ... :)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

A quick hello ... from all of us here at Rajee Sood Home ... :)

Its sultry and no fun weather here in North India ... as much as my heart yearns for the mountains and I am sure I can survive on a diet of peaches ... plums and apricots ... annnd ... may be some potatoes and beans ... ;)
For some wordly wise reason I am here ... all ... muggy ... hot and bothered. With no sign of loosing even a ounce of calories for all this suffering ... ;)
The only saving grace  is all the excitement brewing  at the store. We do have a lovely event coming up. And I look forward to sharing all about it with you all real soon. Hope you do stay tuned for our next post ...  and love it as much as I am enjoying working on this event ... :)
As for all my readers in Mumbai ... ;) ... ahmmm ... not sure what's worse my hot and bothersome weather or yours ... walking around in soggy socks monsoon ... :)
Have a great day folks ... no matter what weather you are enjoying ... monsoon's ... heatwave or hail storm ... ;)

Saturday, June 29, 2019

And a Happy 2nd Anniversary to us ...

We got a bit caught up in posting this post ... but it is been a very thrilling and exhilarating last 15 days. It feels like just yesterday we were getting hee-bee-gee-bees ... setting an opening date for our store and then woopsy-daisy ... we are already 2 years old ... :)

 We have had to bid good bye to one of our team members ... as she moves on in life Happily Married and all ... :) ... and we have a new member joining us ... looking at all our old pictures ... we do realize we have come a long way.

The team has been busy as we transform our upper floor into a full fledged ... cushion and accent furniture section. Our customers can now enjoy the luxury of a more spacious place to select and make combinations ... see the furniture pieces in an actual set up.

Infact putting together a personalized look right in store ... got even more easy and exciting.

Our current setup is already sold out and we are looking forward to a new selection come through in July.

While you were busy holidaying in the tropical islands ... we were having a similar feeling setting up our tropical window for the Anniversary Sale... ok... so may be the beach was missing ... ;)

Its been a super exciting 2yrs. we have tons of thanks to send out to all of you  ... who passionately follow us ... through our blogging years ... our online store years and now as a bric -n -mortar store ... :)

                      ...........   THANKYOU, FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND PATRONAGE   ...........

Sunday, June 9, 2019

A day in a designer's life ...

Last 21 yrs. as an Interior designer ... 11 yrs as a design blogger ... 7 yrs. as a design retailer ... and almost 2 yrs as a design boutique store owner. And almost always  ... the joy of this journey ... are the stories of our collaborations ... :)

 It thrills me no end when artists ... artisans ... master craftsmen and designers reach out to explore new projects with us.Our first tryst with shooting jewellry ... and yes, we are cooking a special something ... that we hope to share in a few weeks time.This particular shoot took us two days ... oh ! yes ... I learnt my lesson about gems and jewelry and that  slightest shift of light ... ;) Have been shooting homes and home accents since 1999 ... but jewelry is so much of interest packed in so tiny an area that it is unbelievable how light can throw all your plans for a toss. Especially for photographers like me who love to shoot in natural light.
Hope I have you intrigued enough to look forward to this interesting shoot and even more interesting story of the designer ...coming soon.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Client Stories ... Styling with Rajee Sood Home ... products ... :)

 At Rajee Sood Home ... we are always building on interesting stories that our customers share with us. Styling with our products has always earned us happy feedback.
Studio Fiore ... all the way from Roorkee adds another lovely story to our repertoire.

Interesting details from this very glamourous renovation project undertaken by the Studio Fiore team. Seen in the image are the woven linen throw cushions from our newest Summer range ... along with our cutsie - tootsie owls in distress finish ... the ammonite replica in wood ... adding so much character to this classy space.
Truly appreciate their sharing these lovely pictures with us. Look forward to a long and interesting design journey with yet another design studio. May the tribe grow.

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