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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Happy 1st Birthday to Rajee Sood, a boutique home store...



Our heartfelt thankyou going out to all our readers ... followers  and customers.Thankyou for making our adventurous foray into bric- n - mortar retail such a success.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Nari Shakti Awards 2018 ... Congratulations ... Ambica... :)

Acknowledging the woman who is contributing so much in the art and heritage scene in India. Knowing Ambica and her work ... I am so thrilled to have her share this wonderful news and pictures of the beautiful ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
As news of her receiving the Nari Shakti Award reaches me ... it is instant moment of elation. Truly what she does at Art Ichol (www.artichol.com) ... is absolutely worthy of the award she received. It does take a woman of grit and passion to do what she does and has achieved.

Her recent exhibition ' Disappearing Dialogs ' ... at Bikaner House in Delhi ... stands testament to how she brings together so many genre's of art ... preserving the local culture ...  the opportunity to sooo ... many artists to come together  and create such stunning art.
If you are not familiar with Art Ichol ... do find them here on face book and here for their website.

Congratulations on the amazing honour  ... Ambica Sabherwal Beri. You inspire so many of us.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

# Indian Spring ... ;)

 It is always nagging me ... the thought as to why I have given up blogging. Time and again I do come back to try the same hand at it ... but something feels amiss. Well ! I get a lot of queries if I'll get back ...  honestly, I am going to give it a shot again.
So here goes ... sharing another of our rituals you all may be so familiar with. My lil' one and I are so crazy about getting the back flowers and twigs from our sojourns into the world outside... :) ... this time I got these gorgeous blossoms from her school ... yes, the entire school bag full of them ... :)
Here, in North India we have a very short spring ...  it starts on the Basant Panchami Day ( official first day of Indian Spring according to our lunar calendar) ... and we'll probably be done by a little into March.
But the blossoms on the trees around shall be spectacular ...  as these ... from the India Coral tree. Soon to follow are the Semul ( red silk cotton) ... Gul mohar ...  Laburnum. oh! ofcourse the Kachnar (Bauhinia) is blooming like crazy these days ... but I am waiting for that time when forests come alive with the Teshu (Flame of the forest).

Not sure why we jump from winter directly to summer ...  short but truly spectacular is our Indian Spring ... I suddenly have a new found fascination for this time of the year... :)
How about you ...  cause I know I haven't even covered half the blossoms out there ... I do find my self hastagging my posts with spring thoughts as #indianspring ... would love to bring more attention to this gorgeous time of the year here in India ... what do you think ... have you got some great #indianspring stories at your end ... ;)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Cow Head ... art pieces and good luck charms ... :)

 Arrived at the boutique today these beautiful ... collectible pieces. As I unwrap and  lay them on the bench to figure out our display. Couldn't help calling up our supplier to get all the stories behind these. Aaah ! and what do I hear ... :)))))) ...

 ... apparently these painted cattle heads are auspicious pieces ... part of the Pongal or more specifically Mattu Pongal ... celebrations. Well ! the whole story is that ... during Pongal, the harvest festival ... these decorated pieces are part of the procession of the Kochira temple. As a thanksgiving to the cattle that are part of a good harvest ( day being marked as Mattu Pongal) ... not only are the cattle decorated ... but these wooden pieces are made in amazing colours and designs.

After the end of festivities ... these pieces find places at home ... as a good luck charm. Now if animals are good luck charm and revered for that ... I am all sold to those thoughts ... :) and so glad my curiosity about why these pieces are created finally lead to a beautiful story being uncovered. Hope many of you who also may have wondered about them ... are as fascinated as I am ... :))
If you are looking for a closer peak ... want to get a good luck charm for your home this coming festive season ... come right over ... we do have a limited stock before the rest of them arrive ... do drop by at  our boutique.
                                  Rajee Sood Home
                                 C- 42,Nirvana Courtyard,
                                 Sec- 50, Gurgaon -122018
                                 Ph - 0124 4005007

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Latest in Art ceramics at Rajee Sood Home ... :) A shout out to all collectors ...

 It was always a dream of mine to work with some of the finest art talent of India ... as we start with ceramic art at our boutique store. I have to say I am over the moon ... besotted ... and so completely bowled over by the art coming through our door. And the latest one to debut with us is ceramist - Shweta Mansingka.

 If you are a collector or looking to start ... her pieces are one of the best idea for your collection. Sure to be a pride possesion. We have with us ... her fruit creations done in the Raku and Saggar firing techniques.

 Pomegranates ... melons ... pears ... sphere's ... domes ...  her shapes are as appealing as is the thought behind her creations. In her own words ... " these ceramic pieces are lovingly crafted and fired in a Raku Kiln to let smoke and fire leave its markings on their skin, making each piece unique."

 We just arranged the pieces on our shelves and funny as it sounds the biggest of the art pieces did not even make it to our display ... barely out of the wrapping's ... it was picked up by a sweetest lil' fella ... for his Aunt. A Rakhi gift ... Wow! ... that's one lucky bua ... :)

Loved the lil' one for all his confidence in knowing exactly what appealed to him ... and he was absolutely confident ... its got to be the red saggar fired sphere, off centered on our Guava wood base... na ... not the white Raku one for him ...  :)
Well, lil' one hope you made your Aunt's day ... it was amazing meeting you ... :)

Drop by if you'd like to catch a glimpse of Shweta's art ... at our boutique store ... just google us as Rajee Sood Home and maps is sure to direct you to  ...
                                                      C- 42, NIRVANA COURTYARD,
                                                      SEC- 50, GURGAON -122018
                                    CALL US @ 0124 4005007 for any help with the directions

Friday, August 4, 2017

Rajee Sood, a Boutique Home Store ...

 We are soon to head into second month of our store opening its door's. And here's sharing with all of you ...  a few snippets of what we are like on any given day here at 42, Nirvana Courtyard, in Gurgaon India.
Never to forget our roots ... we are so proud to pop in our social media credentials on our front window ... these days you will find us far more active on our instagram feed. Oh ! yes ...  I am as chit - chatty as ever ... with loads more of  in house chatter to share ... follow us and keep upto date on our everyday happenings at rajeesood4104 ... over at instagram.

 The reverse journey ... as most tell us ... from online to bric -n- mortar has been fantastic for our brand. I find, the veil of limitations that online has for products that we enjoy ... has been lifted and we suddenly are overwhelmed with the introduction to so many new genre's of crafts and artists. Adding to it all is meeting so many of you in person. Talking about our old products from the on- line store and get all excited about new comings ... into this store ... ;)

  ... yes ... we did carry our Kantha legacy with us ...  but we also decided not to bring along many  of our old products ...

 ... certainly the candle light crazy lady has to have tons of white pillars at her store ... wee-hee ...  my absolute fav.  ...  and besides going nuts over candles ... we are all excited about having fantastic load of artists joining us... to showcase their collections ...

 We introduced ceramic art in our boutique and i think there is no bigger crime ... then not acknowledging the artist behind the creations ... so I must mention the pieces you see above are by Delhi based potter  ... Priyasha Bose ... her art ceramic pieces have been so adored  and loved ... she definitely sets the bench mark for all future artists at our store ... :)) and she sets it high ... ;)

 ... second potter being featured with us is Smita Suri Anand ... our very own Gurgaon based potter ...  her glazes and utilitarian ceramic work are stunning ... her red, that she achieves in a technique called reduction are sure to get your heart.

 ... we are also experimenting at the workshop with newer textiles ... our Chevron stripes and jali design coral cushions ... are so perky ... we now often have chat sessions at the store with loads of textile lovers and aficionados ... I am already feeling like an enlightened soul ... :)))

the first bench that literally breezed through the store has left us so bereft ... we had to order a new one.Just figured talking as much as we do ... is so much more cozy on one of these ...  so next time you are thinking of dropping by ... come by ... would be great to meet you all finally in person ... :)))))

 if you google us or find us on the map ... our  GPS location should get you to ...
                                                         C- 42, Nirvana Courtyard,
                                                         Sec -50,Gurgaon 122018.
                                                         Landline - 0124 -4005007

P.S - In case the word India in our location is crucial to you ... please remember it'll be Delhi International airport for you  ... ;)))) ... just thought I should mention that ... :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Friday, May 5, 2017

To lovely new beginnings ... :))

Sharing one of the bestest news in a long long time ... :)))) ... YESSSS!!! ... we are arriving on the scene in a very exciting new avatar ... a real ... brick - n - mortar store ...:)

Ladies n Gentlemen ... Rajee Sood Home ... has its very first store, ready to open very soon ... in Gurgaon. It was a very nostalgic moment for me to be reminded by some of my regular readers, that this was a dream in the making for the last 7-8 years. Yes, it was ...a wee bit of an unnerving thought ... mentioned it in the passing once in an interview ... but felt very silly to say it aloud  ... :)

Today it is very close to reality ... we are busy at work ... putting together collections ... designing ... redesigning ... sourcing and ordering and finally ... waiting for the deliveries ... :))))))))))) Pretty sure we will take our sweet time to smoothen any kinks  along the way ... but what a lovely journey it has been so far.
Hope to reveal our opening date super soon ... till then ... do keep a look out ... right over here. We are just as excited to share it with all of you ... :)

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