Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gloomy days call for some ... flower love ... :)

The last time I did a post about Simi's home in Karachi ... I had a whole lot of readers signing in from Pakistan ... :) I was seriously bowled over by that.Over the last couple of posts its been fun watching many a sign in coming  from Tunisia ... A big hi to all of you out there ... Especially to Asma ... it's always great to hear from you ... :))
 ... soooo ... this post may be more about, I love flowers ... I love white flowers ... and I have super crazy fun trying on the tone on tone ... texture on texture... arrangements ... ;)) But I am not trying to break the chain of thoughts from the last post ... we are very much still on the coffee table ... just a more in detail ... sort of way ... ;)

 ... the fun of arranging with the same fav. flowers gets an extra zing if  I try them out into something(as in an arrangement) with a new container ... whoever told you flowers only went in the flower vase ... well ! sorry puritans ... :)

I am a person who loves to believe being organised is the way to be ... only I never remember where the hell I organised my things ... so if I use a lidded container it was not style to just have the lid over the side ... I knew I'd loose it if I put it away somewhere. But I liked it just the way in the end ... :)Looked like flowers just popped out and the lid slipped by the side ... ;)
As for those of you wondering how we go about using a wide mouth container ...There are a couple of tricks ... in this arrangement I used the oasis ( the green color brick thingy) that you see at the florist's place.But I made sure I cover it all with the flowers so it really looks all  .... uuuh ! la laa ... ;))
Back to the coffee table series soon ... and may be will share a bitty about that jute table runner of mine ... :)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Oh! that thing about ... coffee table styling ... :) ... part -1

... as I was going through my pictures of all the shoots I've done in the last 7yrs of blogging ... the ones I love the most are usually around the coffee table. The one above is what my coffee table looks like these days ... :)
Got me thinking ... oh ! yeah...  always looooved styling the coffee table. We all fig. out what we want with that piece of furniture that stands right in the middle of our drawing room. Some want it matching with the rest of the room furniture ... for some of us, its a love for a statement piece as our coffee table ... some of us like it bare ... and ... some of us (read me) ... loooove to have all that is so current in our lives ... our newest reads ... freshest flowers ... curio, that has my attention at the moment ... our latest collections of  itsy-bitsy thingies  ... gosh Sarah and I even love to see our latest rocks in a bowl at times ... :)
When my coffee table looks dull and boring ... its a constant nagging reminder to perk up ... pull up my socks and freshen it all up ... I feel it tends to radiate in my life too ... :))
So yup its not just my shoes ... my hair ... my car that reflect me ... hell ! even the coffee table says hello here is whats up with Rajee ... ;) Lol !

... my very first coffee table in my first home in San Francisco ... don't have too many pictures of all that I tried on it ... but oh! yeah ... it had to be some thing as in ... SOME THING ... even though it was being put together on a  ... no budget. Three African pots and a glass top from Pier 1 imports ... and I cherished it as a precious possession.
Styling a round table ... :) ... I can go on and on about it in circles ... ;) There are days you have the zing in you to try finding the symmetry ... the balance ... the focal point ... and days ... you go .. ' damn, it looks good so let it be' ... :))
Have a peek into the pictures from my archives ... of all the styling that has happened around that precious table in our home ... over the years ... ah! even the tables keep changing and now, I may be looking to change this one  ... ;)

... guess, we all define the status of our coffee table ... there is no two ways about what it is for and what you should do with it ... its yours and you fig. it out ... but one thing is for sure ... many a conversations do start from there ... :))
This monday morning ... just figured I'd stir up some of your thoughts ... would love to hear what you do with your's ... leave me a message ... e-mails... or find us on fb and feel free to comment there ... always love to hear your views ... this is part one of this series on coffee tables ... more eye candy from the archives in the next one ... :)

And while we are in the mood for talking and styling the coffee table ... drop by at our pinterest page and see all the inspirational pictures in my Coffee Table Styling, folder ... right, here.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Here is where I am ... ;)

There are quite a few reasons I am missing from the regular heavy duty action, here on the blog ... guess on a sunnier day (my batteries are solar charged) ... ;)) ... I might have it in me to share more ... but in the mean while I know so many of you are mad at me for being M. I. A ... have to say I love all those calls and messages wondering where I am  ...
Here is where I am at the Delhi Blue's Pottery Studio ... training in pottery and tackling clay which has been a freaky NO-GO- Creative medium for me.
Drying on the window sill are a few of the pinch pottery technique pieces I attempted ... don't miss the first one on the left ... my very first introduction with clay ... falling to pieces already ... :)))
 ... the lil' tweety bird lid makes it to the kiln firing ... but my maiden attempt at sculpture ...will not be making it to the firing stage ... lets just say...biiiiig learning curve... ;) ... though, I am in love with the thought of seriously taking up being a sculptor ... :))))

Meet Bablu, the most creative help around the studio, he is a learn on the job kind of artist ... and surprisingly, at the studio ... no one can seem to function without him ... his opinions about all issues come very subtly and softly ... never interfering with the teachers ... you'd be as floored by his creativity as I was ... seeing some of the pieces he creates during low time at the studio.
so when he offers to tech you loading the kiln for firing ... :)) you pack up all else and listen and learn ... :))))

... scary part ... handling all the work ... (not mine) ... knowing all the love that went into making it by the artists  and the anticipation of how it'll turn out  ... will see the real results when I head over to the studio tomorrow...

:)) ... ah! yes ... these two lil' birdies (mine) lets see if they make it through the first round of firing ... :) ... I had a third birdie too ... looks like he flew away under mysterious circumstances ... ;) ... :((
I am learning ... channelizing my creative energy ... the internal topsy-turvy thingies are figuring themselves out ... ;))
But most of all THE SPRING is here ... :)))))))))))))))))))
Its flowers all around ... my gardens shooting new life ... my camera is staring at me ... all the ideas are beginning to make me feel guilty ... soooooo ...  I guess, lets get back to business ... and I hope to come back with many posts that you'll all enjoy and be inspired ... :)))
Thankyou for the patience ... thankyou once again for checking in on me ... :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Good Morning Thought ... :)

Found this picture on Pinterest last night. Aaand it pretty much justifies a lot ... after my first reaction ... a sigh ! and a Hmmm! ... I figured ... Art really does make all of us Happy ... what I call art, may quiet simply be the plain white canvas hanging behind my sofa (which for some reason everyone is itching to splash with something or the other ... ;)) ... am I glad its my home and I have the ultimate say in what I hang ...:)) ... ) not  to forget the gigantic bamboo stick in my giant white  pot. I never like to give justifications for what I love having around my house ... but if I ever was to give one ... this picture would pretty much say it all for me.
Yes ...  we all have our own definition of what is Art ...and ... it makes us Happy !!!
Have a great day and love surrounding yourself with your kind of art ... :))

Monday, December 15, 2014

Lets talk flowers on a chilly winter morning ... :)

On a chilly winter morning like today here in Gurgaon ... a little talk about flowers can sure perk me up. Anyways, it has been sometime we talked about arranging flowers.
Bunch of green mums at my florists looked very attractive. And knowing my love for miniature arrangements around the house ... just one bunch and I had tiny lil' ones all over ... :) Ofcourse, not to say that I have a separate set of straight white glasses only for this.

Everytime I go on without the flowers or green ... it feels like something is not quite o.k around the house. And moment I get even a small bunch  ... hmmm ... you always wonder," ... now why didn't I think of it earlier ..." .... ;)
... and if it feels right to me ... bunch up a few glasses together ... why ... cause I can and I love it ... :))
Hope you are getting into the mood to experiment with some new variety of flowers ... or try some tiny arrangements like these ... ;) It sure puts you into a comfort zone and no calories to worry about either ... and incase you are going to be really happy and start snacking ... hey! join the gang ... :)))))))))))))))))))))))

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Have a peek into the Pottery Bazaar 2013 ... :)

Just got these pictures from Rekha Bajpe Agarwal ... from over at the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust. Thankyou soooo ... much Rekha ... I know you are right now swamped with tons of things  ... I should have shot some of these images myself, last year ... ;))
But I was a kid at the candy store ... seriously forgot all about the camera ... and I am sooo looking forward to seeing all those artists again this year and hoping for so much more ... :)) 


 I am not going to say much over this post ... just that the place ... the people ... and its the best setting one can wish for. Hope to hear from all of you who'll be dropping by... :)
See you all there ... and remember ... do bring along sturdy bags to carry back your treasures ... :)))

                                               Rekha Bajpe Agarwal ( Delhi Blue Pottery Trust)

And when you see the lady above ...
o.k so I am dead already ... :)

The Potter's Bazaar 2014 ...

There is something about the winter weekends that we all look forward to ... a bit of warm sunshine ... a bit of green somewhere  ... combine it with loads of creative people and make the location something as amazing as Anandgram and we are talking about a lovely weekend.
For all the collectors  ... for all those looking to start a new collection ... or those wanting to have a peek at the amazingly creative potter's from around India ... DON'T ... miss the Pottery Bazaar 2014.
If you have already been there before ... well just imagine what awaits this year ... if you haven't ... well take my word for it ... I love it each year. And sure I'll be there too ... nooo ... not as a potter ... but as a passionate aficionado of pottery... hanging around to be bitten by the creative bug ... :)
Get the details of the event on face book here.
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