Friday, November 27, 2015

Makings of a new collection ... :)

 ... if its vacation time ... it means ... there is sure to be new collected pieces that'll find their way into our home ... something is going to be new ... may be quirky ...  may be cool ... or at times ... plain old ridiculous ... (ha-haa) ... but what the hell ...  its awesome ... for the simple reason ...  it reminds us of great times together  ... :)

We are back after a lovely break ... and believe me  ... by the time the collection finds its place home, the term  'conversation pieces' ...  gets very well defined in our household ... between my lil' babe and me, we'd have had some lovely debates  (ahmm ! ) about who found which pieces ... even the dad may pitch in to say he (disinterestedly) found some of the spectacular ones in the collection ... ;))

... gosh ! have you had the thrill of collecting and sifting ... washing and sorting and going all goo-goo-gaa-gaa ... over such  simple (??? ) pieces that nature created ... :) Bet you're nodding your head in that 'oh ! I know what you mean ' way or shaking it in  that completely 'disgusted with me' way ... wondering what the hell is an interior designer talking about ... Well ! hey ... its the lil' things that make a home ... and I just defined to you what all that ... designer jargon means ... 'conversation pieces' and 'statement pieces' ...  So I guess won't be too wrong to say ... nothing beats brand 'Nature' ... ;))
So happy collecting to you all ... and ... have fun filling up those display jars and bowls ... and ... many happy conversations ... ;)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Vignette in cream ... :)

For a very long time ... this table top was just not happening, as I would want it to look ... ;)... nothing but the tribal neck piece is new ... but then ... moment I was looking for that right place to keep my new piece ... wala ... the whole look just fell into place ... :) ... my collection of creamware jar's ... feels just right with the shells  and the jute runner ... :)

I agree there is something very calming about creams and whites ... and life is not complete without some greens ... ;) ... I do find myself drifting towards that colour palette these days ... :)) ... Oh! yeah ... rest assure my family is in emotional turmoil ... experiment time is never easy on them ... ;) ...

Ah ! the rod lying there ... don't ask me why ... but yep ... my next project is lined up ... ;)
Hope this is a tiny bit of sunshine for all my friends ... who keep telling me I haven't been busy with my camera ... :))

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Diwali ... with our friends over at Gulmohar Lane... :)

      Istanbul Oval Chandelier

I can feel its, Diwali ... its the chill in the air ... its in those twinkling fairy lights people have already started to hang ... but I do miss diya's twinkling every where though.The old charm of Diwali ... :) Nothing can come quite close to the twinkle of the flame of a diya in the wind ... :)
And then I realize I am not the only one who loves the charm of the classic ... recently, the folks over at Gulmohar Lane shared with me what they were coming up with for Diwali ... am I thrilled, I am not the only nostalgic one.
Adding to their already beautiful products ... they are now introducing a range of lights. Oh ! yes ... just when you are in the mood for perking up the home for Diwali ... an awe striking collection of
 Vintage Edison bulbs, Chandeliers and pendent lights ... :)

        a few from the range of Edison Bulbs

So as I introduce you to their new pieces ... I have to add a personal note ... I think Gulmohar lane, has really filled in what I felt was missing in the e-shopping fun ... 'classic and elegant'! Their products are not over the top variety ... but just that right exquisiteness that helps you create a home with effortless elegance ... :) ... I like that ... and if I like some thing ... I can be very patronizing... ;)

               Istanbul Globe                   Duomo Hexagon Chandelier

If you hop over to their website, here ... you'll actually have a look at their entire range, in the lights section ...  its popping my eyes, making me smile ... I do have a few places at homes which are waiting ,till I find the right piece to hang there ... hmm ! who know ... some of their pendants are rather alluring ... ;)

     Belgium Globe Pendant               Belgium Cylindrical Pendant

        Jaipur Metal and Glass Pendant

      Milano Metal and Glass Chandelier

These pendent lights are suspended with matching fabric braided chords ... for me as a designer, that is attention to details.I even love this table lamp ...

     Bombay Desk Lamp

Talk about vintage elegance ... discovering this lamp is sure to end  your search for the right detail on your table top. And since we are in the department of elegant, classy and the likes ... let me also introduce you to their next new editions ... 

Chesterfield Leather Collection 1

Gulmohar Lane's new leather furniture collection ... with its supple tufting details and antique brass finish nail heads along the edges ... and ... the antiqued leather that goes through intense processing to give it that soft brushed appearance with that aged classic look . And of course, leather only gets more beautiful, softer and supple with age and wear.

I look at their pieces and it is a delight to see that some of the classic designs like the Chesterfield ... have been created and crafted so authentic to the design. It is really a hooray! moment to see...' you want a specific design for your home ... you see it and that it'll look just that when it comes home' ... no more wondering if what your carpenter is trying to give you will look anything close to the  authentic design details ... :))
So on a happy note ... for the festive season ... I'd sure say stop by their website here ... and do have a look through all the new design additions ...  tell me if you didn't go WOW ! ... :)


Monday, August 17, 2015

SOS ... lets help Friendicoes ... :)

When I first moved to NCR (for my readers out of India ... NCR is the national capital region) ... one of the most amazing things I saw was a Friendicoes Ambulance rushing through traffic. I was completely floored.Yeah ! sure we all have lots of compassion for other creatures ... but when those feelings make you stop and look at an animal in need ... you feel so helpless. Suddenly your world of options evaporates. Why I say so ... happened to me last week. And I found myself frantically calling all my friends I could think of ... and ... finally, thanks to a dear friend ... guess what came to help the dog that was in an accident ... my most amazing sight again ... a Friendicoes Ambulance from their animal sanctuary in Gurgaon.
 So, when end of the week I see them post on their facebook page ... here ... that they...  FRIENDICOES UNDER THREAT OF CLOSURE DUE TO LACK OF FUNDS (please share this post) ... (yes, they are an NGO, right) ... it sure feels horrible ... and I do hope thay can get the 42 Lakhs they need by the end of 2 weeks ... to stay open. The latest update says they already have shut down the night ambulance service ... :(((
My simple logic ... they are out there doing all that, what we'd personally love to do and stand up for ... so the least I can do is support them ... every little bit of financial help will make lots of difference to them.

 As I google to share some of their images ... these popped up and I do remember them from the Uttrakhand disaster time ... they were up there along with their sister concern ... Wildlife SOS ... helping animals in need... :) There is also a story you can find on their website about their work in Andamans during the Tsunami ... :) ... you know it feels good to see what they do.

I loved to read the story of blindey ... the dog in the picture above ... who lives at their shelter in Delhi with many many of the other dogs that call that shelter their home ... I don't want to imagine the fate of these babies if they loose their shelter.

 You know what you should drop over to their facebook page ... here ... and go through their photo's to read about all the animals that come to them ... and their treatments ... adoption ... :)

I am glad they are there for those who may not be able to ask for help otherwise ... for people like you and me when we want to help and don't know how.
While they are looking to raise the 42 Lakhs they need ... any bit that you feel you can spare helps ...  I  post their details below ... hoping this post helps  if possible. If you ever pondered over how far you every single Rupee will go ... this may be a great time to find your answer ... :)
You can simply send over your contribution online ... find their bank details below ... doesn't get any more easier to do something good ... that makes a difference and gives a good nights sleep too ... :))
Friendicoes -
 Their request post on the FB page ...
This post is not to create panic or to distress anyone but to bring the reality of the financial situation at Friendicoes to the public.
Many times in the past we have faced financial crisis but this is the worst by far. If we do not raise some funds quickly Friendicoes ambulance service and shelter is under serious threat of shutting down services if not permanently then at least for a period o...f time.

We just finished paying off the salaries for July.
But we have 60 lakhs owed to medicine suppliers and another 12 lakhs to different food suppliers. That is a total of 72 lakhs plus a few more other odd bills.

Luckily or unluckily the fuel station do not give us any credit for ambulance fuel so we do not have any fuel bills due.
MCD owes us 30 lakhs for the spay/neuter program but even after adding that to the balance we still owe 42 lakhs+ to suppliers.

If we do not raise some funds quickly we will have no choice but to shut down all shelter services for a few months till we can balance the accounts.
If anyone wishes to help us but would like to pay the suppliers directly please drop us a mail to

For NEFT details are -
State Bank of India
Savings bank A/c.No.10151208004
IFSC -SBIN0007196
Branch code (07196)

 Address -Flyover Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024

And people who wish to help with in kind donations here is the list-
1. Rice (we buy 3000 kgs rice/month)
2. Cleaning agents like lizol/phenyl.
3. Antiseptic liquid - dettol/savlon.
4. Milk (50ltrs/day)
5. Cotton rolls/ Syringe boxes
6. Medicine (we can provide you a list)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hibernating out the summer and finding my inspiration ... :)

Image Courtesy - Pinterest
This time of the year ... I am as usual recovering from hibernating  with my lil' babe's. No apologies ... all else in the world can wait, these moments I can never capture back. Not that these words pop out confidently ... there is tons of what if's and what not's, that play havoc with my head as I chuck a lot of work to the curb side.
But then what the hell ... lets move on ... and so as I live life of the domestic mama ... there is loads of fun ... looking at inspiration online ...;)) ... can't keep the fish out of the water too long can we ... :)
But seriously, as I collect a lot of these amazing and oh! so inspiring images ... I must share them with you too. Recently, I have been talking a lot with folks around me as to what makes any space that special something ... :) ... did you say money spent on it ... ah! no dear ... it's the thoughts behind it all ... its the ' FEEEEELING ' that counts ... Any, one - interesting ... character defining piece ... and we have an amazing design. (Doesn't mean you don't look at the overall picture)
As I travel in the mountains ... I pass by a lot of small towns which are major lumber sources for the city folks ... no :) ... not the wood ... but the leftovers ... always get me all droolly ... my current obsession had me peeking around for inspiration even more ...
Image Courtesy - Pinterest
One of my fav. play on design is, piecing a collection together ... yep ! never the big one on matching ... co-ordinating is more my thingie ... :) So here's to exploring those special elements for our spaces ... making them our signature homes. There is so much fun I have over at pinterest ... drop by my reclaimed wood furniture  folder for having a looky at some of the pictures inspiring me ... :) ... right here.

 Image Courtesy - Pinterest
 Image Courtesy - Pinterest
Hope you are inspired to do that ..." think out of the box  magic" ... dare to be different and put something together  on your own ... or at least ask your designer how you can get some quirky element in ... and ... hope you have fun doing it ... don't forget to pop by our reclaimed wood furniture folder at pinterest. ... I am pretty sure you'll have fun there too.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Collecting ... Pottery ... :)

As an Interior Designer, I can state this as a fact and most probably you've heard this a thousand times. Its those little things we collect in our lives ... that really make our homes ... ' our home ' ... and do those things really have to make practical sense all the while ... :)) ... I for one will surely scream ...nay !!!
Sooo .. when I hear people ask ... at fairs and markets or an artist's show ... "so what do we do with it" ... " so what is it's use " ... :(( ... and then I am completely dumb struck by those who will very audaciously throw it at the artist's face ... " so what's the point of making something that has no use " ... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! ... Yeah ... oky ... if you hear that sound some where ... its probably me or my kind ... ;))
 But if you are a collector ... you know what I am talking about ... come on ... its about an artistic expression ... an artist's expression ... and it is about feeling a connect with that.

... last Potter's market at Anandgram ... while I was sitting at one of my artist friends stall, I experienced first hand ...  an interesting array of people ... and yes to hear all of the above comments too ... :)) But lets talk about those who are oozing passion ... they walk up ... pick up a piece ... and then there is that "I love what I see " look and you know that person may or may not be practical ... may or may not be judgemental ... but surely is a collector in touch with his passionate self.
If you relate to what the artists feelings were behind his creation ... wow ... that would be a bonus... ;)

 ...  so as I am falling in love with works of some of the pottery artists ... I am a complete novice to this ... but one thing I know is ... the reason I'd collect a piece is cause I just love it ... but then also since I do happen to know some of these artists personally ... love them ... love their style of working ... yes, I'd love to own something they created.
Hope to lead you more into this beautiful world  ... and also share the works of some very talented potters of our country ... :))
Till then ... happy time collecting ... ;)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Introducing Gulmoharlane ... on the blog... :)

 As an Interior Designer ... a design blogger for good 8yrs ... being someone in whom so many of you invest their trust when it comes to design aesthetics ... I have a lot of reservations when it comes to picking brands to share on my blog.
But then, incidently... as I work with a dear friend to do up part of her home ... I find myself sounding quiet like an old harp ... ;)) ... constantly nagging her on the importance of investing and paying most attention to a great sofa ... :)
And lo and behold ... guess who comes knocking on my virtual doors ... its the amazing team of  Saurabh Ailawadi and Shweta Mewara ...  the co-founders of
Gulmoharlane .

As I go through ... I have to say ... it is very exciting as a Designer to see the selection of sofas and chairs they offer. For a DIY 'er it is sure to be even more thrilling to finally find a destination where one can shop for the classic and contemporary designs. Infact they also offer an interesting range of coffee tables.

Its beautiful to read that at Gulmoharlane, they believe in using fabrics  made out of natural yarns like Linen and Cotton, which are at times handwoven.If they say..." anything natural excites us" ... they surely got my attention.

... as you browse their website ... be ready to be even more surprised ... not only do you get to know the inside story of your piece ... they assure you of the techniques of sofa making being the traditional way. Afterall, being based in Jaipur ... they have some of the best in woodworking craftsmenship.
You will even have the flexibility to pick your filling ... WOW ! really ...

  The way Gulmoharlane understands the need to fill in the gap between fine aesthetics ... value for money and ease of shopping ... is commendable  ... but then  both Saurabh and Shweta  have design background that is applaudable.
Saurabh (the founder and Managing Director), a NIFT graduate  ... whose who has been a visual Merchandising Head ... with brands like Steven Madden, Lee, Diesel, Nautica, Paul &Shark ... and brings in all his experience in handling design process... projects ... and sourcing furniture for these brands from India ...
Shweta(Co-founder and Creative Director) at Gulmohar Lane ... has been working with brands like ITS Wills, Madura garments, VF-Arvind Brands ... and on many design projects. She has a fashion design background and so  ... but naturally a great flare for home textiles and print design.

Ah ... Sooo ... well ! what all this means for you and me is ... we have finally a great place for picking up those most crucial pieces for our homes and interiors ... and there is someone out there who understands ... I don't just want to click on a picture and have it delivered to me ... wow! I get to make it all mine  ... bystarting right  from the fillings the fabric and  ... well you know what why should I ruin all the surprise for you ... pretty sure you want to go discover their website yourself. So go right ahead (the banner below my header will always make it easy for you to remember what we were talking about and take you right to their website) ... . Ladies and Gentlemen , presenting ... Gulmoharlane to you ... for you.
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