Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanks Casaviva ... :))

Since this image appeared on fb ... with me tagged by Ragini Singh Joshi (Creative Director Casaviva and Better Homes and Garden )... there has been an explosion of activity in my life(read fb life) ... ;)) ... I am going bonkers trying to make sure non of my dear readers or friends gets missed being thanked ... so in case I did slip ... THANKYOU ALL ... ;))))))))))))))
So having hung Ragini and Anuradha Varma (Editor Casaviva ) ... in the limbo for over a year ... I had to finally stop being jumpy and jittery about shooting my home and say 'Yes' ... gosh! I don't think I was so jumpy about a Yes ... even when I got married ...;)) ... ooops come to think of it ... he never proposed ... Wooh ! ... that is half a life time too late realising that ... Excuse me ... could you hold the line while I go confront Mr. Significant other ... ahhh ! on second thoughts I'll let this one pass. He'd probably show me his grey hair and tell me hasn't he's suffered enough ...;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Oh! ... men ... I tell you ... they never stop complaining ... ;)
 ... well ! where was I  ... oh! yeah ... the home being shot ... so we pulled up our shocks ... shined up the shoes ... and tried putting our best foot forward ... ;) ...

 Ofcourse, you see my home in bits and pieces everytime ... a bit more, off and on in media features ... but this time its a LOT more than usual ... :))

Since, a lot of my readers overseas asked for an e-copy of the story ... ladies and gentlemen ... this is best of what I could come up with ... :)
I really did have a great time with the team while they where doing all the hardwork. Ragini ... Anuradha and  photographer Yashas Chandra ... guys ... thankyou ... you are wonderful professionals to work with ... would look forward to any collaboration in the future with loads of enthu ... :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Eye Candy before Diwali ... ;))

  I know its that time of the year ... inspiration for the holidays is all that everyone around is talking about ... :)) ... well ! so are we ... ;)
Annnnd ... what better than a peek-a-boo, into the home of 'The East Coast Desi ' ... :)) ... ah! the who ... :)) ... o.k its Shruti's home in Virginia. Would have loved to include it in our contest ... but I had to stick to picking entries only from India.
So this finance lady who keeps a beautiful home and blogs at ' The East Coast Desi' ... sure earned a feature on my blog  ... post the contest.

Shruti's first house in the U.S that they have loved moulding into their home over the last 3 yrs. I totally get that, Shruti ... homes are created over time ... atleast that's the way it works for a lot of us. And then again ... her home is filled with things that they have collected over a period of 15 yrs ... :)
Now, I know what you mean there Shruti ... nothing more beautiful than living in a home with all things collected over time ...

Hope you enjoyed and were inspired by this lovely home that ... colour ... collections ... and a family's passion create.
Shruti ... loved your home ... thanks for sharing ... :))

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time for a break ... :)

The last couple of weeks have been rather busy ... inspite of the fact that I keep repeating to myself ... I need a break ... I need a break ... I need a break ... ???? ... I need a break ... Boom ! that didn't work ... so some crazy deadlines ... issues in the form of right lighting ... clouds rolling in on the day of the shoot  ... some JPEG related issues ...  and tons of file sharing issues ... ofcourse this was all that Mommy fits in ... in the middle cake baking ... tons of sandwich making for school sharing... school homework ... getting creative with collecting scraps for lil' brats artsy projects at school ... sick canine babies ... maids planning their leave ... PHEW !!!
And I can't even get a book deal for that ... cause it is just a mundane life of every mom I know ... :) ... RIGHT !!!
Oh! then I finally gave the green flag to some wonderful people I had been hanging in the loop for  ... like eeeeever ... told them to come shoot the home. My exact words ..."Aaah! yeah  ... I think I am ready" ... what ??? ... what was I thinking ... so I spent the better part of last week and all of early this week ...fixing the house ... was pretty sure there was a shootable home under all that what a family does to any livable space ...;))) And guess what ... we cleaned up quite decent .... ;)))
So while the creative director and her photographer went clickty - click yesterday ... my aching bones were thrilled ... for I pulled off a cleaning spree that was much needed. ( o.k if I were you ... I'd stay away from my store room door ... ;)) ... )
LOL ! o.k jokes apart ... it was great fun and amazing working with the pros, I'd say ... I sure want to share a lot more about them, soon. Well ! as soon as I am officially allowed to. So you can look forward to what we did at the photo shoot ... :)) ... well this morning I couldn't help take a few shots myself ... my OCD kicked in ... ;)
And this is how the workroom cum studio looked like. Would love to share the other load of pic.'s that I personally shot ... but I am taking the day off ... or atleast what ever is left of it ... aah! who am I fooling ... ;))
So ... but ... you get to see them in a day or two. I'll be right back ... so  ... be back, yourself too ... :))

Monday, September 1, 2014

A home in Karachi ... :)

 Yes, I am aware I do have a lot of love pouring in from across the border and it thrills me to bits ... and a message like this has me in a pot pouri of feelings ... emotional ... nostalgic ... loved ... thrilled. Nostalgic, bit being more than anything else ... gosh! getting off track here ... ;))
So, here's getting to know Simi and falling in love with her home ...

Hi Rajee :) I am a regular reader of your blog and a gr8 fan of you. I was delighted when I read about sharing pictures of our homes. A lil' introduction of me ... I am a Pakistani fan of you , living in Karachi, my name is Simi. This is my home tour:)
As I mentioned ... I was super excited to share some of the homes that are beautiful but couldn't be part of the contest because of geo-political  reasons ...* grin* ... ;)) So here's Simi's home in Karachi ... :)
Not to difficult to fig. why I love this home ... ;) ... 'cause it is a home collected and created ... :))

 Simi ... I am in love with that orange table runner of yours ... ;)) ... (Simi mention's that it is a Sindi Rili work ) ... aaah ! on my 'I want list' ... ;) ... I can well imagine all my collector readers are going .... WOW! ... I want that too ... yep ! thanks Simi ... you are sending us all immediately to Google ;) ... I like to pinterest too these days ... :))

 ... that's one of her wing back sofa's upholstered in textile from Sind ... am I intrigued ... in love ... :)
 Don't miss her colourful lounge  ... I can't believe she still has potential to fill it up with so many more books ... :( ... 'J' ... Simi ... simply 'J' of you ...
 I look at her staircase and with all the details she shared about her collected pieces ... my mind goes ... and that kilim ... tell me about that ... Simi ...???
 As Simi shared ... " An antique cupboard which belonged to my great grand father who lived in Kanpur. But thanks to my grand father who managed to bring this beautiful piece from Kanpur to Karachi :)"   ... WOW ! ...
 ...a powder room with Mohammadi tiles which Simi, bought from a century old house which belonged to a Hindu merchant who migrated to India at the time of partition ...

A reading corner with the Swati Kilim foot stool..  wow ! now I am very curious to find out what is the swati kilim ... :) ... does it have some thing to do with Swat Valley ... ???
That's that folks ... loved it ... drooled over it ... and got many more add ons to our 'I want' list ... :))
Hope you all enjoyed it too ... wow! house calling at Karachi was fun ... will sure look forward to more. Simi, thank you so much ... you really have an amazing home and collections and ofcourse, not to forget you are a great sport to share your home with us ... much love ... from Me and all my readers ... :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Contest ends ... annnnnd ... the winner is ... :))

Tell me that yellow doesn't pop your mouth open or that you aren't lifting your jaw off the floor ... ;) Mine did too ... well! it was supposed to be a simple contest about us talking about the colours in our homes. But it has turned out to be anything ... but ... as simple as that ... :))
I received a peek-a-boo collections from many of your homes and as I sat down reading through ... I realised I had also received these pictures from Bennita about her home.
Put me in a fix there and then ... why ... well ! for all those who may be new to my blog ... here is why ... :))
I stayed at her place a couple of years ago ... and came back and wrote about her home ... :)
But just because she has already been on the blog doesn't mean she couldn't be on the contest ( unfair to her) ... but it doesn't stop there ... I have gone over all the entries at least three times again ... at the nth hour. I had to be sure of my decision ... :)
 I am ... and ... I do, find her pictures very beautiful. Her home in colours is definitely a winning entry. For all the points we were talking about and all the reasons we decided to have this contest ... I  feel she has done a wonderful job. And have to give her that credit. On all fair grounds, I do pick her entry as a winner.
Do read the lines she penned down to me ...
 "Arco Iris" means "Rainbow" in Spanish and Portuguese and hence we are literally living in a rainbow of colours.  
Arco Iris, our home for the last 5 years, is a 200+ year old Heritage Portuguese style villa in South Goa, which was unused for 40 years and was restored by us over a period of 3 years.  My daughter, Trusha, who was 4 years at the time, took one look at the ruin that the house was in then, and said it looked like "A Rainbow City".  Out of the mouth of babes..........We decided to name our home " Arco Iris" and our bedrooms (7 in all) the colours of the rainbow.  Hence, we have the Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red rooms.

Arco Iris is very much a labour of love as it took us 3 years to restore the house with much of the associated problems of contractors and labour.  Once the structural changes were taken care of, the rest of the restoration was carried out by us with the help of extremely passionate labour.  The interiors have been done by us on our own and are the result of my husband Ganesh's and my love for colour and art.

Happy to submit pics of our home for the " And....My Life in Colours contest" as I am a big fan of yours and your impeccable taste!!

Bennita ... thanks for being such a sport and joining in for our contest. And ofcourse ... Congrats, this contest is yours for the taking ...:)) ... I think you and Ganesh have done a fab job.
In the same breathe I want to say ... I also got entries from outside India but since Good Homes insists this is to be within India thingie ...;(( ... I am going to do the next thing on my mind ... and .... that is share with you a few of my fav. ones.
Hope you enjoyed our winners home. For all of you all, who send in their entries ... thank you so much for being a sport. I am thrilled to see how much more we Indians are dabbling in colours and how good we are getting at that.
Hope you are looking forward to seeing some of my other fav. entries.

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