Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And ... My Life in Colours ... :)

As we dig deeper into what gets us falling in love with which colour for our home ... I must add there is no one reason or logic ... we can all come up with our own reasons ... logic and justify it ... :)
Over the years in the few homes that I have been ... in and out of ... I realise I have lived with a whole diff. spectrum of colours ... the only thing that remained consistent ... :) ... were the things that I have collected over the years ...
... and these pieces have fit right in ... with the colors ... ofcourse ... my curtains have changed ... the upholstery has been redone ...

... but the funny part is I don't quiet know what makes me use the colour I use in the next home I move into ... I had a hot red wall in the dinning of the house above ... sorry,  just can't dig it up from the old files ... but in this beige home, I loved the tone on tone effect of the walls with the sofa ... and the gilded frames and mirror added the bling I used to love (sorry this is not the best picture... I could have done better, but I wasn't into blogging then)

... I would never have quite done this butter colour myself ... what with having lived in enough Army homes with that being the standard colour. But I had no choice in this temporary home ... ;))
... and of course when I moved into my current home ... I asked to be given bare white walls to work on them, over time ... :)) ...
... it used to be funny when the family asked what was brewing in my head about the colour that was going to go on the walls ...:)))))))))))))))))))))
Lol ... :)) ... guess what ... contrary to what you may think ... the family was really thrilled ... even loads of my friends have gotten over thinking of their walls being some monster to be played safe with ... and that in turn makes me happy ... happy ... and never mind that in the Diwali Special issue of Better Homes we could not make it to the cover ... cause you know Black and Diwali ... is a simple no ... no ...
... but the dear black wall made a great story inside that issue ... :)) if you remember.
So, I can't say I have used my fav. colours on the walls ... but yes, the walls and the home ... the light coming in ... there is a whole bundle load of things that make that colour just want to flow on your walls.

P.S - We are enjoying the homes we are getting to see as many of you share your homes ... duh! if you have no clue what I am talking about .... you probably missed hearing about the contest we have going on ... right here ... or scroll down to the last post ... :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Life In Colours ... contest ... for all house proud folks out there ... :)

Our colour talk is getting on to the next level ... quite literally ... :) ... looks like the creative team at Good Homes, is thinking colour too. I am told their latest issue talks all things colour at home and they are going all out talking to you about colours. With all the details I'm given ... honestly, looks like I'll be grabbing one copy myself to see what all the designers are talking about in it... :)

So, talk of next level ... :) Label -  Rajee Sood and Good Homes would love to hear from you what you make of colours in your home. Do join us as we explore along with all our readers ... with the girls and guys over at Good Homes aaaand with me ... :)
Are you the one among your friends ... who makes them say ... woah! you got guts putting that colour on the walls ... or are you the one who takes painting creams and beige's to a whole different level. :)) ... so either ways ... we all have our own special way of bringing in colour in our home ... and that is just amazing ... so time you shared that amazing ... with the rest of the world ... ;))
Charge those camera batteries and get set to click ... send us the pictures of your home. And tell us about it ... you know ... we are all suckers for the inside story ... the gossip and some pictures to ogle ... we'll love it ... and we'll envy ... hell, we may even get jealous ...;)) so go ahead ... click - click and ...
                                               mail them to me and here is where ...
                                               no. of pic's  ... :)) ... no limit ...
( if you have the time and passion to click ... we'll assure you we want to see them all ... honestly )
                                                     send them in by  Aug. 24th
         (that means you have 2 weekends to shop a few things ... prep it up ... style and click )

 Honestly, all homes that are created with passion ... show it ... but we'll pick one winner on the 27th Aug.

And since you have so much fun with sending in your stories and your pictures ... the guys at Good Homes, want to add in a gift hamper of Rs. 3,000 ( sponsored by Tangerine and Printed Noise) for the winner.
So, do join in  ... do tell us your story ... you never know you'll be the next big inspiration for somebody.So is a winner sitting right there at home ... :))

P.S - incase you got a question feel free to reach out ... incase you are not sure the best way to click your home ... feel free again ... would love to help. If I confused you somewhere in all that talk ... the e-mail again ... is ... rajesood(at)gmail(dot)com

Monday, August 11, 2014

Flowers at home ... :)

What with the rain Gods  playing hooky ... the heat is getting muggier and muggier ... but the skies looked beautiful yesterday ... and there was this lovely breeze closer to afternoon. And bang on cue the flower wala was waiting ... :)
So the first flowers of the season ( or at least in anticipation of ... ) arrived yesterday. Having just a few stems feels like the house was barren without them ... :)) Talking all  about colour these days ... I love this addition to the scheme of things. Hopefully they inspire me more on many things,color n home n d├ęcor ... :))
Hope you all are having a great start to the week.

Friday, August 8, 2014

That decision about colours and you and your kind of colours ... ;))

source : pinterest
Some of you who follow me on pinterest may have noticed I spent the better part of the night, the other day ... digging up (on pinterest)... colour palettes and mood boards ... the reason ... of course I love pinterest ... and no I did not have a tiff with the hubby ... ;) giggle ...;)
So the real deal was that colours and co-ordinating colours ... even picking them ... for that matter, is a scary thought for most people ... co-ordinating the colour schemes into other material and textures ... :/ ...
You can well imagine then ... what brews when I have to work with clients ... there is a lot that goes into getting the colour theory right for a project. To put it in a nut shell ... yes, the whole hoopla about colour scheme is not really a hoopla ... its got a lot of sense working on it ... getting it right may save you  a lot of money and anxiety. So getting a professional involved may not be a bad idea at all.
                             source : pinterest
... if you'd be keen to get to know more about how colour boards  ... mood boards and how colour co-ordination works .. you might want to drop by and see some of what we have over at my pinterest board here.
I do promise to add more inspiration on this board. In case you love any particular colour and looking to work on that ... feel free to share your thoughts and concerns with me ... :) and as usual ... find us on facebook ... leave us a message here( I know blogger bombs a lot when comments are to be posted ... ??? ) ... or e-mail us at rajeesood(at)gmail(dot)com

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On the wall ... :)

Just pulled out a few pictures from sometime back. The weak side of my heart falls instantly in love with textiles ... ;)) ... its an instant ... illogical ... complete ... crush, every time I come across textiles ...  and so it is obvious, if you live in a country like India ...  either you are nutty about them like me ...or you have an overdose of it pounding down on you from every where ... ;))

 ... many of you will be rolling your eyes and thinking ... Aaah! lady ... I love it ... but this sort of stuff has no place in my contemporary home ... ;)) ... Right ... ! Well ! my two cents ... if you love it ... it does ... reinvent the way you put it in your home ...
And so I was looking at more contemporary ways to present that ... we worked on framing these few pieces of vintage embroidered pieces ...

 ... mind you right kind of framing makes a piece looks gorgeous ... or the flip side is you'll end up hating it. There is that thing about being careful about what you mount your textile on ... you don't want to ruin it ... does your piece need a mount around it ... sometimes that little no - mans land feel that a mount creates ... is what visually makes the piece stand out.
And yes, gilded framing doesn't always make a piece look aesthetically appealing or the other way round ... if you are using plain mono color or bare wood frames.
The textile piece and of course your personal taste aaaand where it is destined to be placed can help you decide on your look for your fav. textile.
I do have a bad thingie for art picked for the walls for the sake of having something up there ... I am more for thinking and putting up pieces you have a connection with ... and if nothing else ... even your own pictures could be a great idea ... Aahhha ! may be we can talk all about it in a future post ...  a lil'  chat up about family pictures around the home.
:)) ... hope I leave you with some ideas brewing in your mind .. and a lil' wosh ! wosh ! in your heart about  that idea of yours that you had been nudging you ... well ! go for it ... have fun ... and feel free to leave me a comment ... message me on facebook  or e-mail me at  rajeesood(at)gmail(dot)com ... if you need any help... :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Vineeta and her new online store ... :)

Loved this picture of Vineeta  with Ronitaa Italia Dhanu, Editor, GoodHomes Magazine which awarded ArtnLight "most inspiring blogger" Award 2013
This lady with her 220 watt smile has been someone I have admired from my very early years of blogging ... while she was already a pro at it ... and wrote some amazing posts on art and ... infact a whole array of topics , which was mind blowing because there was so little being written about those topics and how she added her perspective to things ...
And then one fine day I read all about her working after work to take on the challenge of putting her products at an exhibition and follow her passion... ( correct me if I am wrong Vineeta) ... it was frames  and boxes and alphabets ... :))
The adventurous Vineeta ... now has her own online store, here

If you love her products ... this should be a very very happy news to you ... :) ... if you are just discovering her work ... wow ! that should be a thrilling news for you ... :))

... so do pop over to her online store  and do explore the works of another very talented Indian Designer. All the best Vineeta ... ;))

Monday, July 7, 2014

Things collected ... :)

 Sarah and I have a habit of collecting things from outdoors and absolutely love finding them a place at home ... :) ... well! very often we go over board ... :)) ... this time back from my mum's place we carted with us a shoe box full of loot ... :) ... things we picked every evening from the park ... acacia leaves ... Christmas tree fonds ... casurina cones ... fallen dates ... just to name a few ...
Honestly, in a shoe box  ... its a mess ... but that's what I love clear glass vases for  ... right now it holds out precious collections ... including a few pine cones from Uttrakhand ...

 add to that ... a few more  pieces Sarah grabbed from her park here ... hmm ... o.k ... the old trick of putting them in a milk pot worked with these ones ...

 ... sharing a few things that sure make the home a lot more us ... I am pretty sure you all have loads of those things you collected ... so come on ... get on with those ideas ... sure you would love seeing them around you ... :))
Its been a great Monday ... hope you all have a wonderful week ... :)

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