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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Collectables... handcrafted ship models

I am a collector...always looking for my version of eye candy...collectables... and I firmly believe in travelling to have fun(collect).
Vacation time in Mauritius,I was looking to rejuvinate...after a hectic year as a new mom ... but besides the sun and the sand...I was looking for something else.The handcrafted ship model factories.
My brother-in -law, (stationed in Mauritius at the time and our host) ...was handy with his knowledge of the island country and we went to see this factory at a place called... Cupip ... as interesting as the name of the place itself.
Right from the moment you enter the parking...it is a sight for a collectors sore eyes...craftsmen at work...giving finishing touches to different ship models ...and very handy with the history behind the original ship.By the time you get into their display area,one is amazed at the finesse behing this craft.Ofcourse, the passion with which all the models are made is awe inspiring.There is attention to the very last detail that makes them look absolutely surreal .
This particular factory we went to had models of French ships...with the exception of a few British ones.The craftsmen ship ,the attention to detailing,and the beautiful pieces I saw ...I had to take one home. Cyril ,the one who took us around the place ,assured me what ever I picked would reach India without any problems.I picked the La Superbe, a 1784 French battleship.I love it and it has found itself a place on my crockery unit by the window...I love to see its sail flutterring away in the mumbai sea breeze.

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