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Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 days to Christmas

Its 12 days to Christmas ... we've pulled out the tree and all the excitement is beginning to brew...my lil' Sarah is getting old enough to tell mommy a few things she likes...and its going to be a pink Christmas this year.
I found this pink crushed silk fabric at one of the dupatta stores...draping it on the tree quite sets the mood and the theme for all the decorations to happen...believe me, when I say I too am waiting to see what it all turns out like this year.
Most definately come back to see how to... trim your Christmas tree ...

1 comment:

Veda said...

I am waiting to see this year's christmas decorations at ur home rajee! I cant belive u have such a beautiful home in bombay! how do u keep it so neat?

some practical questions:

How do u do the dusting ? it must be so difficult with so many accessories!
I find to so hard with the dusting.

In the wintery months and rainy reason, how do u keep the wardrobes and other shelves smelling good and how to avoid the fungus due to dampness in the rainy season?

would be of great help if you could answer my questions!

regards and happy diwali!!!!

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