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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Rose Arrangement

Beautiful pink roses ...arranged in a whiteware tureen.My florist send these beautiful bunch of roses...all it takes to have it arranged in this style is...a tureen and two bricks of florists-oasis,and a sharp knife or blade.
Soak the oasis in water...so that it is completely saturated ... will help the flowers not dry out soon.Next see how high you want your arrangement...stand two pieces of the oasis in the middle of the container and mark height...cut off the extra...start to stuff the container with the oasis(cut them if need be into thinner pices ).Its pretty easy to work with ...makes you feel almost like a sculptor.
Once you have completely filled ithe container...take your sharp blade or knife and start shaving off the oasis in the shape of a dome...you may not need to be excate in your shaping ...but near about would be fine.
That done ...you are ready to start sticking in the flowers (you can cut their stems short ...though not too short cause they need to go a bit into the oasis to absorb water.Fill out the container with flowers evenly ...
For fillers...I cut the left over stems and pushed them between the flowers...just push a little deeper in, so that the cuts of the stem are hidden and all you get to see are the lovely rose leaves...I love the tone on tone effect, in flower arranging and so I also used ,tuberose buds with pink tips.Make sure you keep adding water to the oasis...if you feel it may be drying out a bit.


Unknown said...

Beautiful arrangement.....It's amazing how a bunch of flowers can add cheer and color to the decor. - Rekha

Rajee Sood said...

Truly said,Rekha...flowers have that magic about them.Its a "eureka" moment each time.

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