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Monday, January 12, 2009

Indian silver filigree work ... a soap dish idea

It takes away the mundane look of that soap on your bathroom counter. A traditional ... Indian silver filigree work ... leaf platter.Far more adorable than the store bought,matter-of-fact...soap dishes.It is very practical at the same time.Does not let soap water accumulate...and every day use doesn't really bother the silver.Shine it up once in a while...or just enjoy the patina as it ages.


Anonymous said...

NEAT! It gives an elegant look too. Normally, any decorative item I find at home, I try to use it instead of just displaying it. It is amazing how useful they are! Thanks for sharing this Rajee!

Rajee Sood said...

You are right ...Adarsh ... hope you keep coming back for more things that interest you...and hope to be able to share with you ton loads of more interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

You bet!!! I simply love your site, and appreciate your 'insight' into designing a home! I will keep visiting your site often!!! Best always,Adarsh.

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