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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Drape your Christmas tree this year...

What ever the size of the tree you pick ...the trimming goes the same way...the star at the top...ornaments and garlands on the whole tree and a skirt at the base.Let me explain each as we go along. Oh, and don't forget the lights.
Each year when our tree is put up...I have a personal favourite ritual...drapping it with yards and yards of fabric.This year Sarah having declared that mommy's got to make it a pink Christmas...I bought about 6 meters of this beautiful pink crushed silk fabric(buy a saree)... it is enough to pull over a 7 feet tree ,we have.I start by rolling it into a ball and start unrolling it slowly on the inner side of the tree ...pull and tuck as and where you feel the need...its about passion ...no science ... and you'll slowly reach the top.I love it because it instantly fills up the tree...sets the color theme for you to follow...psst ...and I love to collect fabric...yards and yards of them.
It is best to put in your lights now ...so that it is easy to adjust the fabric and lights and make sure you don't let the lights burn into the fabric some place...its easy ...just got to slowly arrange the lights on the branches to avoid the lights touching the fabric.
Hanging up the ornaments is all the fun you want ...start from the top coming downwards... I open one ornament box at a time and start hanging them, as it feels nice...bunch them up,or balance them out evenly all over the tree... and believe me I am usually adding something to hang till the very last minute ...it is never enough.
Don't forget the skirt...and don't fret if you can't find a nice one at the stores...I haven't found one to fall in love with either... some yards of fabric to the rescue again...bunch up one side of the length of the fabric...hold it around the base of your tree ...tie it with a ribbon to hold it there...and spread it all around the tree base...literally like a skirt you'd hold up with a drawstring... :)
And leave the star for your sweetheart...unless you have the advantage of the inches over him.


Unknown said...

oh my, this is a great idea! for a while i have been using simple little tree for Christmas:.. i couldn't add an image in the comment but i have added it in my blog


but i am planning to get a larger tree for the next Christmas. I think draping it will really make it special.

Rajee Sood said...

Hey Dusik,
Thanks...saw your image...make sure you send me one with all drapped up tree next Christmas.I love drapping mine and every year I love to use the fabric of the theme color...from there on the carols just start jingling in my ears...

Unknown said...

I will certainly do that!
thank you

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