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Monday, February 28, 2011

Tray Gardens ... catch my column in Page7 seven ...

I started this blog ... thinking more the pictures...lesser I'll need to talk ... I do admit I love to talk ... and I can get carried away ... but I am experiencing its another thing to be writting for a magazine ... :)
Rack your head honey, come up with those pages ... phew!
Never the one to miss trying out something new ... I have agreed to pen down my thoughts for Jaya... editor over at Page 7 Seven and MediaVoice Mag ... based out of Chennai.If you manage to get your hands on one of the issue ... catch up with my banter ... yeppy yeah! more of Rajee ... ;);)
 My column in the Feb. issue was about tabletap  ... well ! ahem ... I like the sound of ... the Tray Gardens ... really one hell of a fav. and absolutely fun ... thingy to try ...

... I was over at a friends place sometime back and I have to admit I loved her version ... with big river rock and seasonal flower pots ... right off the nurseries ... you'd have been immediately drawn to that corner  too ... :)
Would love to hear all your thoughts ... may be you are already hunting for a tray  ... a platter ... so what is it going to be for you  ... sand or stones ... ;)
I really love sharing my thoughts here ... and hope you enjoyed this one as well ...
Will update you about the March issue which just hits the stands ... Ah! didn't I say more of Rajee banter ... share with me your thoughts and stay tuned for tons of my banter ... ;)


Komali Nunna said...

Congratulations, Rajee. I totally agree with the statement: The difference between a collection and clutter is the display.

Amtrips said...

phew... :P really liked the stuff..!esp collection -clutter difference and display..!

in-fact i stay in a small married apartment of a research institute at bangalore.. and have occupied all open spaces (literally encroached) for my babies..! babies here are my plants like your's two :)

i will keep this in mind and when i get settled preoperly, i will get myself a table tray..pakka.!


Paromita Biswas said...

So perfect.. Even we are going to shift to a new not-so-big flat in Kolkata but have an ample space in balcony for plants n sitting. I love to decorate the rooms as well with some simple yet beautiful plants as they bring a freshness in the ambience. The table tray is a great idea that implies clutter free as well as beauty. Lovely, thanks!

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