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Monday, February 7, 2011

We have a name ... and the winner is ... ;):)

  Yeeeeeehhh!  .... we decided to call him ... Bukalemun ... :):)  , and so you know who the winner   is ... it is ... Shruti @ Mindful Meanderer ... a big shout out to Shruti  and a big round of applesauce ... oops! I mean applause ...;).... hey! girl ... congratulations ... that was real cute . According t o Shruti, Bukalemun means Chameleon in Turkish ... :) ... well! lovely works juuuust great with us ...we all kind of fell for the sound of it Bukalemun ...:):) ...  Thanks Shruti ...  let me know which out of the three options for the winner ... would you prefer ... or would you like all three... :)
 But guess what it was a real confusing time deciding the name ... we loved the sporting spirit of all the readers ... and the names suggested were real funny too ... BIGGY THANKS ... to all the good sport ... We almost had a neck to neck  about Sergeant Pepper .... so was Dart Vadour ...
 Here's a list of all the names we got ... just incase you are ever looking to name a chameleon ...;):)

-Sergeant Pepper

-Karma Chameleon
-Chameli /Leon
-Mr. Scoots / Bukalemun [ chameleon in Turkish]
-Spikey / Sunny / Dart Vadour (his tail looks like a dart) / Sun Ray (after Sam/Raj) / C J – (Chameleon in a   Juniper tree)
-Creepy Crawly / CID ( After all he would be spying on you day and night / CID ( After all he would be spying on you day and night /
-Camiee....in the same theme as Aimee and Sofiee.
-Gurgaon Gekko
Well!  Bukalemun has woken out of his hibernating times ... the last I saw him ... he was on the Ficus Hedge  ... oh! ya putting on weight and all ... damn ! he is back to his ol' tricks... and changing colors ... so I guess we'll be back to our ol' routine of freakin' each other out ... that bloody Bukalemun ... when that eye goes  ... 360 degreees checking me out ... its suddenly not so exciting being in the lawn ... I better backtrack ... :)

Congrats ,once again Shruti ... whispers have it,that ...  loads of animals and reptiles out there are looking to find you:) ... all the best ... :) ;)
And thanks to everyone ... that was good fun and you all were great sports ... :)


Unknown said...

haha.. :) I'm a total animal lover.. Having grown up around pet tortoises called tortu,parrots called neela n peela, cats called kali n motu n dogs called well puppy n doggie. ya! we were very innovative that way!
;) I'm glad u have such an exotic name for the chameleon.. so hi there bukalemun.

n thanks for choosing me.. :) I'm ok with any option reg the prize :)

Anxiety Cause said...

It's so nice to read this kind of posts every once in a while. I find it interesting and funny.

Effbie said...

clap, clap, clap

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Shruti,
Thankyou soooooo much for such a lovely name ... it certainly feels Royal and quite a mouth full ... :)NOw plase do tell me your option ...pleash ! oh! pleash! ...;)

Rajee Sood said...

Hi There @ Anxiety Cause,
I do myself enjoy keeping things real and more closer to our everyday life ... so what if I have a Styling blog ... :)
I am glad to hear you think the same ... :)

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Effbie,
Thankyou ... thankyou ... :)

Nam said...

Hi Rajee,

I absolutuley adore the way you have done up your house .Not everyone can convert a house to a beautiful home .I am an avid follower of your blog and love your updates.


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