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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shopo.in ... when you want to follow your heart ... :)

You have to understand we are a generation, that had to rebel and put up a fight to follow our hearts ... I had an all out rebellion against my Colonel father ,when I declared my MBA plans shelved and Interior Design school admission form was on the table... where he had to sign. Aaaah! all hell had broken loose ...:)... I can laugh about it today ...
But when I see Krithika and Theyagarajan ... I feel a common bond. Follow your heart ... and these two sure did ... and guess what came out of that   ... www.shopo.in.

                                             Krithika                                                     Theyagarajan
Their online store is a platform for some amazing designers emerging in India today.... and most of them again ... people following their heart and dreams... :)

 Aarohi ... from Bangalore, Vineeta from Mumbai ... , Kanika from Pune ...
Artesania by Carmina Fernandes ... is all about rural women creating beautiful handcrafted pieces.

Here's a beautiful picture of Carmina with the womenfolk crafting their beautiful pieces ... :)

Varnam has a contemporary take on some unique traditional products ...

I am a big fan of Kanika's products at Anek Designs ... find them at shopo.in ... too

In ... love with the seashell jewellery by Salonee Gadgil ...
Also at shopo are designers like Abhilasha Jain of MishMash Design ... loads of new stuff arrives and we are introduced to many more designer ...
So here's to Krithika and Theyarajan ... whose, Shopo.in takes care of everything else for you as a designer  ... so that you have more time to do what you really would love to do ... Design .
And for bringing into our lives handcrafted gorgeouness like no other online store has done before.
So incase, you aren't quite done your shopping for the day ... pop over to www.shopo.in ... you are sure to find something else you'd want... ;))

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homestilo said...

What wonderful items- I can't wait to check out their websites for more. (and good for you for finding your dream and following your heart!)

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