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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A creative thought to dear ol' basin ... :)

... I have been thinking on the basin issue for a while now... it is so predictable that when we buy  a house, the first thought is to getting the latest in the bathroomware ... as a major goal to finish 'the work' in the house ...

... wouldn't it be great fun to actually look at even the mundane basin as a creative expression ... ???...


                                     John Saladino                                                  unknown

... I've had a lot of people get concerned about the fact that only ceramic suits the purpose ... Aaaah! but what about the time before,when  we didn't have the ceramicware (nothing against ceramicware though) ... wouldn't that be an interesting thought to pounder over ... and a few more options may come to mind about making that powder room a real glamour room ... :)
For me, a thought to  the 'me' factor when designing and decorating your home ... is the real style statement ... yes! a sure bet ... money can't beat ... :))
So, have you looked had a good look at your home and discovered what is ' your style ' ...


Shanthi said...

I love the first one. Just out of the world.

Unknown said...

Each of teh images had a creative space of its own...loved all...and would love to see what you come up at your abode...:-)

Anonymous said...

What a lovable Interior Designing, So simple but i love the decorating things you have been used!

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