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Friday, October 14, 2011

Decorating and organising with trays ... :)

Definitely, one of my top fav. elements of styling a home ... trays ... trays ... trays ... :). There was a time I used to feel limited with my options with trays ... guess not anymore. Just like other things at home , the trays you pick are a sure shot style statement about YOU.

This Tibetan tray ... has been in my photoshoots ...  I guess from the beginning of my blogging days... every fresh coat of polish gives it a new life ... I fall in love with it all over again. It sure is a classic ... ever green. And it was my first choice when we decided to have our own range of trays at our store.

Trays sure can add that lil' something to your moments of pottering around the house ... prettying up things ... believe me  ... its true ... :). Tidy up ... stage a collection ... or just put things together  and wow-wee ... we have a beautiful vignette.

I have been dying to have some in colors  ... and our new range of trays ... is just about all that. No fuss,no loud talks ... just beautiful colors. I really wanted to create classic pieces as that's more my thingie ... ;).

We are working on more colors ... and each color makes my mind go crazy thinking about the look that they can create ... in the pink I sure an going to be serving some in-house Cosmopolitan ( shaken not stirred, my fav. cocktail ) ... ;)

Wonder , if this gets you thinking about the possibilities of some styling up before the festivities ... add a lil' special ... ' YOU ' ... touch to things this season with some tray vignette's ... and if you need our help with trays ... guess what ... drop by at our online store, before you know your style elements will be crusing on their way, over to your place. We do express deliveries for the festive season. So hope you are all gearing up. Diwali is right around the corner ... :)
Would love to hear from you if you enjoyed our take on trays. Ofcourse do drop by and share with us what you love to do with your collection of trays ... :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajee,

I came across your blog while searching for decorating with trays :) I love all the trays you have included in this post - but I'm in love with the pink tray in particular (even though I don't like pink!).

Please please could you suggest how I can use metal trays in my decor? I am interested in including brass thali trays or silver trays in my decor. Thanks in advance. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Hi Rajee,
I've been following your blog for quite some time now, and I'm absolutely flabbergasted by the way you make anything look so-ooo beautiful. Absolutely loved these tray arrangements, all of them!!Wonder if the magic lies in the pieces you use or is it your touch that turns everything look so magical!!

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Design by Design,
I am so glad you loved my range of trays ... they are all from my online store.
And it feels especially nice when a nonpink person likes the pink ... ;))
Using trays of any material is the same thing ... you can display a collection.I once say someone who had displayed her collection of brass ganpati's in a thali ... they looked so interesting. Place them on a table top a flower with flowers ... some books ... some smaller nick-nacs ... put together the look a creative display than clutter. Put all the things that get spread out on your coffee table ona tray ... pretty and organised ... it is really your thing ... try a couple of times... if it doesn't feel good change them ... try putting some candlestands ... so basically its all about having fun ... options a galore ... :). Hope I was helpful.

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Dr. Charu,
Hearing from my readers, for the first time ... is so much fun. Iam really glad you wrote in to me ... :)
The magic as you say... I think its my camera ... and catching that particular moment and angle ... a bit of mish mash of all that. Because as you may see I collect all things that you'd find normally in a home.Hell! my camera can even make me look nice ...;))
But thankyou for all the lovely words ... keeps me encouraged and happy with my work ...:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajee,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. You are really helpful and sweet. I appreciate the time you spent to reply to me. I hadn't thought of the candlestands - silly me! I have tons of them and tons of books. I will go and play around with the thali arrangement now and see what happens :)
-Desi By Design

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Sanju,
Sorry in the last comment your name showed as Design by Design ... so the mistake on my part ... :)
Hey! wow ... I am so glad to have triggered a bit of experimenting ...;)) ... hope you have tons of fun.How about a post on your blog. And I love to hear from my readers and I'm sure you share my sentiments being a blogger your self... so it is that much fun to reply back ... :))

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