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Monday, November 21, 2011

Celebrating Women ... Celebrating with Rajee Sood Home, Gift Cards ... :)

We have had some lovely stories of gifting for loved ones, here at Rajee Sood Home. You can also know more about a few of those, in some of the future posts I have planned. And thanks to all these lovely people ... I  am launching the Rajee Sood Home, Gift Cards. Now you can ask for the Gift Cards and just sit back and enjoy knowing you've gifted your loved ones, the option to buy our exclusive products.
To know more about our  Gift Cards, or to order a Gift Card for any of your loved ones... you can e-mail us @ rajeesoodhome(at)gmail(dot)com.
And what is most exciting is that the very first Gift Card, is going to be Auctioned  at an event I sure an waiting for. Its called Celebrating Women - organized by Gurgaonmoms.com and Biz Divas India (an NGO supporting women entrepreneurs) ... and not just that ... the great evening is also to recognise and award the women of substance in Gurgaon and the NCR region ...  if all this is not amazing, the dynamic organisers of the event donate the entire proceeds from the event to ADAA (http://www.adaa.in/), a charity working for underpriveledged children.

You cannot imagine, the pure goodwill and love and compassion that exists in all these organisations ... they help women like me by being our support groups as we are fumbling around with issues in our ventures ... you have to feel it, when I say that it feels sooooo... nice to have them as a guiding force, a friend and in truly creating that assurance of ... Hum Hai Naa ... :)
And after all that, to recognise the women who are real life role models... :) ... wow!... ladies and gentlemen, I sure know there is a lot of women who need a standing ovation ... such support groups make it possible to help bring out the strenghts of many of those women ... thankyou ladies. I am absolutely honored to be part of it all ... :)

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