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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Basant Panchami ... and the colors of spring are inspiring ... :)

Oh! dear ... I could sense something is changing in the air ... and before I could quite put my finger on it ... BAM!!! ... the Hindu calender says its Basant Panchami ... for all my non Indian readers ... Basant Panchami is the day marking the arrival of Spring and the month of Maghi, as it is called by the Hindu calender ... and quite honestly, I am amazed at the accuracy with which it marks all the season changes and ton loads of other things Rajee Sood is yet to discover ... :)

Well ! it apparantly also marks an auspicious day for the world of arts  ... o.ky , so I'd just like to say that I'm adding my profession into that category to enjoy and herald the coming of  ... Maghi  ...
woo -hoo spring is here ...

And if you don't believe me ... check out ,these pictures I am getting all inspired to cover my green chairs in diff. shades of  ... red ... orange and hot pink ... aaaaannnnnnd for all of you wondering whyyyyyy sooooo ... well ! its spring ...  for one, and actually my lil' girl Sofiee did not quite take too well to the green ( well! under diff. circumstances I would agree with her) ... :)) ... but torn and shredded isn't quite the look I was thinking about ... :))
I hope the spring brings good cheer into your lives too and may you find some interesting piece to start thinking of covering in hot pink and orange ... and may be red ... :))


Unknown said...

so pretty!! Now.. I have a second list.. from Rajee Sood Home.. coming up soon.. :-)

karmucaycuquino said...

un saludo y feliz fin de semana desde


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