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Friday, March 23, 2012

Chalk board paint and a quick fix solution ... :)

 I decided to remove Sarah's floor stand chalk board and instead give her a bigger space on one of the walls ... was a nice ... plain and simple and a no hitch kind of ... an idea  ... and of course that was until the painters arrived and declared they had lost the catalogue with the design that I had picked ... :))))) ... ah! on the last day of paint job schedule and a  house full of other contractors  ... that's not a nicey thing to hear ...  but then as all designers will share with you ... SOS calls on site is always something to be ready for ... and soooo ... here was my quick fix for the situation ...

 ... do what we all do best ... ;))) ... google ... :)) ... yep! I google mirror silhouette and some interesting options popped up ... taaa-daa ... and ofcourse you'd thing the painters are obliging ... oh! no mam' ... they are completely allergic to trying anything other than the predefined path ( yep! learned that from 1st year out of design school ) ... and then they love to sit back and watch, as if saying ... o.k, designer lady show us a fix ... hell! I'll show you...
I have them paint the basic rectangle ... ooooo.ky, so far easy-peasy ... then comes the tricky part ... ;))

... they love to sit back and watch and some quick free hand outline and I had the frame ready ( the outline of which you can see taped ) ... fill in the paint, guys ... ;)) Yep! believe me  ... not just the clients ... its the contractors ... our carpenters and painters and just about everyone who tests you as a designer.Guess, not making it an ego clash and knowing things can be fixed and have to be handled ... you can salvage a design project from failing.
 And ... oh!look my client is already enjoying her new wall ... :) Will share the entire room ( though bare -basic as yet)in the post coming up next ... :) And more stories about this smarty pants client of mine... ;))


Amtrips said...

Super cool mom with great idea..yeah , Rajee the idea is cool and just so great..! I sure Sarah will love scribbling on it..!

Sarmistha said...

This is looking lovely.I too am amazed what a versatile medium chalboard paint is !!
As far as the indian workforce(read carpenter and the whole gang)they indeed are a bunch of pretuned ' mandbuddhi' robots :)I faced my share of dilemma when I moved back to Delhi from US.But I learned to quickly work around their No !!
Waiting eagerly to see your new home makeover:)

Don Barnes said...

Ah, Rajee! You inspire and teach me. So cool and responsive under pressure.

Shilpa said...

Sarah is one lucky kid...:)lovely chalk-board!!

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