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Friday, February 15, 2013

Concluding 3 days of shooting our throw cushions ... :)

I think we may have wrapped up the throw cushions part of the photoshoot ... and I am beginning to feel like Alice in Wonderland ... I dream of polkadot toad stools ... green moss ... blueberries and wild strawberries ... bluebells in the meadow ... not sure if I am lost in the fairytale forests or the PirPanjal mountains of my childhood ... but definitely my colors make me happy ... absolutely excited to bring them online to you super soon ... :))
 Ladies and Gentlemen our  ______  ______ Collection ... ;)


Shalini Pereira said...

Looks amazing Rajee!

Don Barnes said...

Cant wait to see!!

Harshika said...

Absolutely amazing! Love each one of them... I couldnt go but had asked a few friends to visit. Which they did. I was wondering if you have ever been to Benaras( which is where I am from ) to source amazing fabrics...silks, borcades, benarsis, resham. I get all my cushion cover and linen materials from there when I visit my parent's home. I also got some table linen in brocade when I got married. There are amazing weaves in cotttons too and are used by some top designers everywhere, I once saw a top, top fashion designer buying in bulk from the same shop my family has been using since 4 generations! If you have never been, I would highly recommend it, being a designer, you will love Benaras. :) with your skill and taste, I know you can create amazing stuff with all those gorgeous materials.

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