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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thanks Dithi ... I am soooo in love ... :)

Absolutely top of the list of artists I am loving is Dithi ... from being blogging buddies with a penchant for the shutterbug ... to being ... flat out, FAN of her art. I have to say love her work to bits. If you follow her at ... www.dithitara.com ... you'll read ... see... and breath what I am talking about.
Her very interesting videos about her work ... (there is nothing quite like an artists take on their own work) ... was what got me hooked to her blog,years ago ...

Maa Durga
                                                                        Maa Lokkhi

Mother and daughter

Lady with her pakhi
and then came along her series on the Indian Godesses ... and the Bengali women ...not to forget her trademark parrot.And her latest the commissioned work for Archana.( my best blogging buddy from yonder)




Her stint at printmaking in Calcutta ... made me go ... WOOOOW ! I have to ... have to  ... have it  ... :)) ... and I do. Dithi ... your Baul is a one of the most Cherished pieces in our home ... :)

Her description of  Baul...
 My trip to Shantiniketan last year took me to bauls.... the colours of the setting Sun woven with the lush green of the rural Bengal fields in their 'hazaartappi's (patchwork gowns). The spirit seeks to free itself, to wander with the music in search of the light and in search for love.
 This was my first Lithography work, made from a single aluminium plate and I love how the imperfections lend to the spirit of the work.

...  :) ... find Dithi and her work ... on Facebook  ... here. Dithi I am so happy that your talent is appreciated and loved and admired by the huge fan followingyou have. Makes me wonder what the archetypal pundits of Indian art... now feel ... where once it was impossible to be anywhere near a gallery unless you fell out of an art school. The way you explore art and and the way it resonates in your work ... you are sure an inspiration ... YOU GO GIRL ... :)


Unknown said...

Dithi's work is beyond impressive...

Anonymous said...

WOW!! The paintings are so amazing and specially the one "Lady with her pakhi" even I have been doing some work on all this please do visit and tell me how do you find it art and painting

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