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Monday, April 15, 2013

For the love of ... sweet lil' nothings ... :)

... on a whim I 'd love to share this picture of mine ... not sure why I love it ... but I love it a lot. Wouldn't be able to rate it very high on technicality points. Sure loads of my photographer friends would be nodding in unison ... but there's some whole other reason I think I love it for ... for the last collection of our textiles that we showcased ... I wanted to use pom-poms for a few cushions  ... and again on a whim ... I cut up a whole crinkled shibori piece ... and spent a good part of a night trying out diff. ways to make pom-poms out of shibori ... :) This was an early morning shot ... focus was an issue ... not sure cause I was groggy ... or did I shoot without my specs on ... ;)) ... ( I do that often and then curse the darn camera for not being able to focus where I need it to ) ... or may be the excitement of all that I did ovenight was too much and I just went click ... click ... click ... not really sure what I was shootingor where to focus ... just had to have it for the record ... :))
I though I'd share it on the blog some day ... so guess ... today is just that day ... for the love of sweet lil' nothings ... :)

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