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Thursday, September 26, 2013

When things go down the unplanned path ... :) ... no its not always a sad story ....;))

...these are snap shots of my lil' garden ... my lil' bittty of a paradise ... my getaway space ... where I once dreamt of green lawn and blooming Dahlias (well! those do actually come back in season ...;) ... ) but I have had to resign to the fact that grass shall never grow here.

I have finally laid gravel over the patch which gets choked due to no drainage ... in the rains and gets piddled over by my canine babes all year round ...;) It has gotten a whole new character ... things unplanned cropped up ... I even had to tile it half way to check seepage ... but when things ball roll into a whole diff. direction ... sometimes its fun what new options crop up .... :)
So while I am loving my garden space ... I do have to apologise to a lot of my customers who were looking forward to seeing some of our product lines on a certain online platform. Well ! on certain matters of principles ... I withdrew my products.
We are a very small operation when it comes to talking about our design label. And a very young one at that ... but starting from those who form the very basic foundation of our team ... to our vendors ... suppliers ... tailors ... craftsmen ...  and even the women who do our occasional needle work ... we all work with  basic ... instinctive feelings of trust ... faith... respect and love ...towards each other. Nothing unique, in other words you'd call them basic principles or human values ... and everyone loves having that sort of healthy environment around. As do we ... and as I lead my Label on to so many interesting projects and undertakings ... we love that general Happy Feel.
People come and people go ... those who share our values will always be part of us.
  For the rest ... I'd say, a  hug ... a kiss and a lovely bye-bye ... is best... :)
Getting back to the point about our products  ... well! ... last couple of weeks have been rather stretched and long hours ...

 Oh! yeah ...completely forgot to take pictures when the entire work room was flooded with fabric ... brass pendants ... threads ... lil' pom-pom's ... and all those thingies ... :) And then all the finished pieces ... :)) So now I guess since they have reached their destination ... will wait for the pictures to come in from that end ... ;) And I shall be able to share more with you all.
Beside all these ... we will try to get our online store functional again ... but please do be patient and bear with us ... :) And thanks to all of you all for understanding.


Miss Frangipani said...

These clutches are gorgeous. Looking forward to hearing more about them and other new products. And enjoy your garden - I wish I had a teeny tiny green space of my own, but will have to be content with a verandah garden for now :)

Parakh wig said...

Hi rajee....I'm a quiet admirer of ur blog as well as ur work...just wanted to know if u cud help me with some ideas for my living room if I send pics of the same to u....thanks!!

Aalayam Inspiration said...

how lovely rajee! Your style sense is impeccable!

how can we - people outside of india buy your products?


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