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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Rajee Sood Design Studio's and the spirit of design ...

 A bit of tribal in me ... the free spirit ... the bohemian heart and love for all things eclectic. At Rajee Sood Design Studio's we love creating  and  designing  for the urban home ... all that comes, with so much story behind it. 
The embroidered patches have been a story in the making ... a while now. 

The looks we create fit right in ... in homes that are curated ... collected ... where memories are special and passion of the owners shines off every piece.

 As our collections at the boutique grow ... so do the possibilities of mix and match. The entire range of these cushions ...'The Gypsy Soul' ... is now available at the boutique. 

  Available as patches on our chevron jacquard's and also fully embroidered cushions with custom inserts. We pay great attention to details ... the finish  ... without impressing upon the work which is created by a craftsman from lands so far.
A collection of pieces that talk about the gypsy tribes that migrated over centuries ... in regions ranging from central asia  to the costs of the gulf of Kutch. Today the political boundaries separate them ... but their cultural practises and lifestyle still has faint and nostalgic strings attached to their past. And who knows it be our past as well ... all of us who come from this region at some geographical point or the other.

 Their are a few similar stitches ... in pieces that may be from Kutch and then a few from Central Asia ... the selection of bright colours ... at times almost neonish is uncannily similar.
The tassels that come from kuch had more felt like pompoms ... those from Central Asia had beads. As a layman working with pieces that are symbols of cultural heritage ... I love the journey to explore.

The use of silver metallic thread was abundant in Central Asian pieces ... the beaded edging is so intricate ... our modern city karigars refuse to do that kind of harrdwork. Ofcourse, we have the craftsmanship ... but in the fast paced city ... the craftsmen are also chasing quick work. Which makes such detailed handwork more special.

 The colour choices  ... talks of happy people ... the bunches of tiny beads ... make me wonder about the women crafting these details as they sit huddled together lost as deep in the craft they practise as they are in the gossip they catch up on.
These pieces most often are made of threads and fabric that are vegetable dyed ... so we take special care working with them ... lest the colour bleed and ruin the work.

When we get these patches they are not all in the pristine condition. And there comes in the hardwork that our city karigar's put in. Making a very detailed piece ... but crudely finished tribal piece ... into a piece with the finess that a urban home will enjoy.
Each piece that will make its way into your home ... has had craftsmen labour over it ... working and wondering what they may be fashioning. It started out as a piece of cultural expression in a far off remote region ... collected by traders looking for piece of exotica ... stumbled before the eyes of us designers ... tickling out creative souls and here we are bringing to you cushions ... that you can look ... love and admire ... discover your own tales every time your precious pieces are a conversation starter.
 These modern day heirloom pieces are a limited collection. So incase you are looking to have a peek at all our pieces ... drop by our boutique today. Or directly message us at rajeessodhome(at)gmail(dot)com. Ref. 'The Gypsy Soul Collection"

We are located at -

C-42, Nirvana Courtyard,
Gurgaon - 122018

 Ph - 0124 4005007

( Enjoy the experience of shopping at the boutique homestore ... curated by an Interior Design Studio. Call our store to book an appointment today for a personal consulting session. For more details ... e-mail us at rajeesoodhome(at)gmail(dot)com )

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