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Friday, May 17, 2019

A quick hello ... and snatching a few quiet momemts at home.

 Trying out some new designs and combinations at home ... before we start work on a new collection.

 A hot mug of coffee ... deep contemplation's ... and suddenly it is sinking in ... my own home is way overdue for a fresh look. Another challenge ... cause there isn't a more difficult project then your own space. Nothing more challenging then pleasing your own family.

 It is always exciting to think of a redo ... but soooo ... challenging to imagine all your collections from a new perspective.

So whenever ... it is that the renovations begin ... I know one thing for sure ... its time to create a neutral palate to come home to. The space I can come back to recharge ... can no longer be the reflections of the colours I work with all day.
Not sure if you have this situation in your life too ... but we interior designers sure have this funny predicament. And each deals with it in their own unique way.
 ... :)

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