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Sunday, June 9, 2019

A day in a designer's life ...

Last 21 yrs. as an Interior designer ... 11 yrs as a design blogger ... 7 yrs. as a design retailer ... and almost 2 yrs as a design boutique store owner. And almost always  ... the joy of this journey ... are the stories of our collaborations ... :)

 It thrills me no end when artists ... artisans ... master craftsmen and designers reach out to explore new projects with us.Our first tryst with shooting jewellry ... and yes, we are cooking a special something ... that we hope to share in a few weeks time.This particular shoot took us two days ... oh ! yes ... I learnt my lesson about gems and jewelry and that  slightest shift of light ... ;) Have been shooting homes and home accents since 1999 ... but jewelry is so much of interest packed in so tiny an area that it is unbelievable how light can throw all your plans for a toss. Especially for photographers like me who love to shoot in natural light.
Hope I have you intrigued enough to look forward to this interesting shoot and even more interesting story of the designer ...coming soon.

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