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Saturday, June 29, 2019

And a Happy 2nd Anniversary to us ...

We got a bit caught up in posting this post ... but it is been a very thrilling and exhilarating last 15 days. It feels like just yesterday we were getting hee-bee-gee-bees ... setting an opening date for our store and then woopsy-daisy ... we are already 2 years old ... :)

 We have had to bid good bye to one of our team members ... as she moves on in life Happily Married and all ... :) ... and we have a new member joining us ... looking at all our old pictures ... we do realize we have come a long way.

The team has been busy as we transform our upper floor into a full fledged ... cushion and accent furniture section. Our customers can now enjoy the luxury of a more spacious place to select and make combinations ... see the furniture pieces in an actual set up.

Infact putting together a personalized look right in store ... got even more easy and exciting.

Our current setup is already sold out and we are looking forward to a new selection come through in July.

While you were busy holidaying in the tropical islands ... we were having a similar feeling setting up our tropical window for the Anniversary Sale... ok... so may be the beach was missing ... ;)

Its been a super exciting 2yrs. we have tons of thanks to send out to all of you  ... who passionately follow us ... through our blogging years ... our online store years and now as a bric -n -mortar store ... :)

                      ...........   THANKYOU, FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND PATRONAGE   ...........

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