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Thursday, July 4, 2019

A quick hello ... from all of us here at Rajee Sood Home ... :)

Its sultry and no fun weather here in North India ... as much as my heart yearns for the mountains and I am sure I can survive on a diet of peaches ... plums and apricots ... annnd ... may be some potatoes and beans ... ;)
For some wordly wise reason I am here ... all ... muggy ... hot and bothered. With no sign of loosing even a ounce of calories for all this suffering ... ;)
The only saving grace  is all the excitement brewing  at the store. We do have a lovely event coming up. And I look forward to sharing all about it with you all real soon. Hope you do stay tuned for our next post ...  and love it as much as I am enjoying working on this event ... :)
As for all my readers in Mumbai ... ;) ... ahmmm ... not sure what's worse my hot and bothersome weather or yours ... walking around in soggy socks monsoon ... :)
Have a great day folks ... no matter what weather you are enjoying ... monsoon's ... heatwave or hail storm ... ;)

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