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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

add height to your room with curtains...

If you are thinking about redoing your curtains ... here's a point you might find handy ,while you shop for your new curtains... longer curtains increase the feel of height in any room. Hang your curtains closer to the ceiling and if your room has just a few feet on the sides of the windows ... then you might want to think of extending your curtain rod or the channel (if that's what you'll be using)the whole span of the room.
This definitely allows uninterrupted view through the window ...as well as visually since the eye travels a longer length ... you have the feel of more height in a room ... wall to wall curtaining at the same time will make your room feel more wider.


Sunita Mohan said...

Great posts, Rajee! But where were you when I was struggling to re-do my place? :P
I loved the photo in your strawberry blog.

Rajee Sood said...

Where was I ...aahhhmmmmm...now...how long ago are we talking about... well Sunita ... I must have either been packing or unpacking in a new place.;D ... talk about scope to design ...
Its pure love as far as the strawberries go ... honestly,... love to try my hand at photography... and I too thought it kind of looked yummy.:)... am I being cheeky now:)
Thanks for dropping by.Love to hear from you ...like always.

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