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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Strawberries .... strawberries ...every where

The strawberries have arrived in the markets of Mumbai ... they seem to be every where ... I am so sure the strawberry crop this year at Mahabaleshwar, has again been very good.I can almost smell them in the air.
In our house, we wait all year for the strawberry season to begin.Guess, we are a very -berry family ... the first pack that arrives ... is completely devoured up... with no trace except for the loud clicking of tongue ... and sour taste glands declaring... cease fire.
Wonderful Strawberry recipes ... soon follow. Here is a very simple recipe to use your strawberries.
1.Chop your strawberries... (say a small container of medim size 15-20 strawberries)
2. Add sugar (1-2 tsp) add an extra tsp. if you feel fruit is still tart.
3. Allow to stand for 10-15 min.'s and its all done.
You have a wonderful strawberry mix... to enjoy all by it self.It tastes fabulous with chocolate icecream ... chocolate cake(with a dollop of fresh cream)...
Hope you enjoy some fresh fruits of the season and if like our family you are a strawberry buff... do let me know... share your recipes with us ... or write in to know few of ours ...


islandgal246 said...

I just love strawberries like that. When am in Miami I love to go pick them. I also love then in a fresh fruit tart with a custard cream. yummmy!

Rajee Sood said...

OOooh.... soooo true Helen,just love strawberrries .... my daughter freaks out on the pink milk (strawberry shake)at 2yrs.10 mths... lil' one is just discovering taste :)
I love growing them ... you know infact up north in the state of Jammu and Kashmir ,where my family comes from... I have seen miniature variety of wild strawberry grow by the water streams, though tasteless they look amazing.

Sakala said...

Rajee, first time visitor to your blog. by the way , try chopping strawberries, sprinkling icing sugar and drizzling balsamic vinegar on it, and serve with vanilla icecream. Yum.

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Sakala,
HOpe you enjoyed my blog ... wow , now that balsamic vinegar part sounds really tempting ... o.k now only if I could locte some strawberries ... oh! off season ... but you got me ... I have to try this one ... thanks for sharing ... hope to hear more from you and ton loads of input will be good fun... :)

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