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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wishing you a ...Happy and Memorable Independence Day ...

Wishing all my readers a Very Happy and Memorable Independence Day ... :)


The Interior perspective said...

Saarey Jahaan sey achha :)

Rostrose said...

What a wonderful flower-arranging!!! And thank you very much for your nice comment!
Best wishes, Traude

bikim said...

Dear Rajee,
great flower arrangement! have you done it yourself? Have a good weekend,

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Rekha,
Hope you had a wonderful day :)

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Traude,
You are very welcome ... glad you enjoyed the flowers :)

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Rosa,
Yes, the flowers are very much my doing ... infact they are the same ones on the post ... 'flowers for the monsoon' ... just shot it a few days later when the lillies were completely open and the picture being from a different angle :) ... hope you enjoyed them .

Sunita Mohan said...

Happy Independence Day to you too, Rajee. I know I'm a bit late . Okay, okay, so I'm really late, but thats part of the beauty of being independent, right? ;)
Lovely arrangement!

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Sunita,
the best part about friends is that they never mind about being late and all that ... you came by ... thats all that matters :)

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