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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scooby ... a baby's story ...

Scooby... is one of  Sofiee and Aimee's best buddy ... they are like a storm in  the mornings in case we  get late in taking them to meet up at the lawns. If there can be a more delightful sight in the mornings ... than seeing Sofiee and Scooby run the entire length of the lawn outside our complex ... chasing each other ... well! I don't know of any. I have actually seen passersby stop their car's and bikes  to have a look at these kids enjoying themselves ... ofcourse with doses of ... 'watch it kiddos' ...barks from Aimee ( she is 6 yrs. and likes friends more her age) ... though secretly enjoying the attention from the kiddos. 
 Sadly, Scooby's family wants to find him another home ... and as upsetting as it is ... we are all coming together for the sake of Scooby ... to find him a loving home. A home forever. A home he'll be loved and be the apple of everyones eyes ... because that's the way it should be ...
Do join us ... help us ... prayers made a lot of difference when Doginder was in an accident  ... this time to we need prayers, for love and a home for Scooby. And our efforts will be as big as prayers... Please lets all come together ... and show that this matters to all of us ... we care ... everyone needs a home and a family ,no matter the species.
 Scooby needs us to to stand up for him ... he needs us ... lets find him a family, a home.

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