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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As good as an antique ... :)

 Just in from the work shop are these trays ... we have been busy in recreating these reproductions of an antique oriental tray ... which gets featured in almost all my posts. It has been loved soooo long by my readers ... we had to recreate the charm of this piece ... :))
We'll be having it soon at the store ... in case you have any questions  ... shoot us a e-mail at ... rajeesood(at)gmail(dot)com ... :)
 Our online home store ... www.rajeesood.com
(You can now read all about the experience of our customers at  here  ... :)) ... and believe me its fun on our side too, we love all the queries ... and try our best to make it a fun experience for your too ... ;) ... )


Srija Padmnanabhan (Chickoo) said...

whooo! Simply love it

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Ohhhh thats sucha lovely piece Rajee! I love it!

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