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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who says mom's work thingies are boring ... :)

It is really fun watching kids get innovative around mom's work ... my daughter,was busy this evening while I had some important e-mails to respond to ... kids sure have a way of finding their own perks and treats ... 'we' do comeback with tons of goodies ... from the carpenter's workshop ... 'we' do have our very own samples from the weavers .... ;))

... and who said you can't play war games with mum's new stocks coming in ... yep! my inventory count is two short ... and the missing pieces are in my daughters treasure box ... while we have the rest lined up for a ... ??? ...

...yesss !! the new deliveries arrived some time back and we will be adding them to our Diwali collection coming up soon ... hope you have e-mailed in your requests ... we do have limited stocks ...
In the mean while ... it sure is fun seeing lil' Sarah ... and the ingenious games foot scrubbers make ... :) 


Shanthi said...

That's so lovely to see her playing with those things keeping herself busy while mom is at work. But Rajee make sure about your quality time with her - these are the best years with them :-)

Sound Horn Please said...

Awwww... How cute!

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Shanthi,
You are right ... and I try my best, infact the whole way of going about having my blog and then the store is all so that I have my babies always with me ... have not been able to leave her anywhere while I have to go do my gig ... I have had near fatal back breaking moments ... but my baby is always with me. It is very challenging at times ... but I don't know or want to do it any other way.
Sarah and I are really inseperable and we do try and make the most of it ... :)

Rajee Sood said...

Hi there SHP ,
that there is the CEO at Rajeee Sood Home ... right now very disgruntled that we haven't got an kiddy section happening at the store ..."dad,I just need to fix this and do something about it myself" ... that was something I heard a few days back.Phew, my performance not up to the mark ... ;)

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