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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some green to get over the gloom ... in winters ... :)

Some of my fav. elements ... a pottery piece with that weathered patina... greens and stone ... :) ... just never know how a little time in the sun gets me all solar charged and ... ;))

 ... so there I was reading a book in the sun ,that just peeked out of the Gurgaon fog today ... and little do we know ... out come the scissors ... chop-chop ... :)) ... decided to revive my love of topiary,with these two cypress plants I picked up a little before Christmas ... and I love doing that thing with green cuttings (take them indoors) ... :) ... Oh! did I forget to tell you ... this pottery piece ... was my buy at the potter behind our conplex, while Sarah was looking for a diya for her diwali project at school ... wooohoo ... look what I dug up lying in their junk pile ...

 ... I really love the beautiful weathered patina on it. Don't ask me what is it ... hell! I have no clue ... but just liked it ... and I have a feeling you may get to see more of them if I can find them and yes ... these are sure getting used in some future photo shoots ... :))

... as each year that I grow older, there is something coming over me ... I am getting comfortable with my choices ... I don't necessarily get influenced by what others think about them ... if it makes me happy ... never mind if it looks weird or gets all myfamily and friends to go ... what's THAT ... ;))))

Its a brand new year ... I got my resolutions in order ... going to be all me ... arranging with greens and not just flowers ... I love the tarnished look so more of that elements are going to be in ... stone, yep I want to bring that architectural feel indoors with more of something in stone ... hmm ... :)) feels nice to have said that aloud... :))
How about you ... how much about your home are you thinking about making all about you ... ??? ...  drop me a line, incase you are in a mood to share your thoughts ... would sure love to hear from you... :)


Unknown said...

ohhhhhhhhh the green n the stone was looks so good. I never had much of a green thumb, How do u maintain that good a garden??

Rajee Sood said...

:))Hi MindfulMeanderer ... Don't have much of a green thumb either ... I can design for sure ...;) ... ah! as for that green garden bit ... :)... I shop the nurseries more often and taadaa ... garden is always green ... ;))

GB said...

Oh it looks gorgeous--could it be some sort of chai caddy? you know, specially designed for kullads or something? Whatever it is, it looks beautiful!

Hope you're having a great 2012, Rajee! I'm creating a page for online stores and resources and I wanted to have your permission for including yours. I'd like to grab a couple of pictures to go with the link too, if you won't mind--you can reach me at gdbinvt[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks much, and happy new year!

Rajee Sood said...

Hi GB,
I wonder myself ... it sure looks like a caddy of somesort ... but it just about fits the tealights comfortably ... ??? ... don't think kulla'd would fit ... :)) ... guess and the mystery gets deeper.
And wow! sure would love to be part of your online stores page ... wille-mail you... thanks ... :))

Deepa Gopal said...

Gorgeous arrangement, love the greens.
Happy New Year Rajee:)

Shilpa said...

The pots have a rustic charm..i wonder how a mix of greens and flowers will look in them...:), beautiful post Rajee.

Whats Ur Home Story said...

Absolutely love your style Rajee. Would love to drop by at your store when in Delhi (God knows when. I have never been to Delhi but I sure do have plans one day:)). I just blogged about adding greenery to my home in the winter (in the form of a terrarium) last week @ www.whatsurhomestory.com.

Kala said...

Wowww ur such a Genious lady with a gr8 elegance

Peter said...

Wow!!! Mind blowing photography!!!

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