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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When I'm feeling blue ... all I wanna do is take a look at you ... :)

Its rather gloomy weather here ... brings a lot of my work to a grinding halt ... makes me anxious ... hyper ... confused ... how can I forget to add a short fuse ... ;)) But a bit of cheer. Flowers ... thanks P, I love the flowers you sent over ... I got them all over the place.
I wonder how you like the flowers in your homes ... the casual look works with me... not loud, but part of the home look ... the staged arrrangements ... makes my fingers start to twitch ... ;)) ... you know what I mean.
These yellow roses and white lillies, sitting on my desk ... sure help, while I  wait and watch the Sun God play traunt.


Aarohi said...

Come to namma bengaluru... will give you hot chai with a hint of freshly ground pepper, a room that you can close the doors and SCREAM in and then when you get back, some friendly company and gupshup. Kya kehte ho? Come for a chota break :-)

Shilpa said...

Love fresh flowers, they just light up the entire space and surely the mood too...lovely arrangement.

Vic Bibby said...

Beautiful flowers. I'm with you, I like my arrangements just thrown together, not too formal. xxx

Shanthi said...

If I were you , I would jump at the offer Aarohi gave you. Hope you are feeling better now. Flowers do add cheer :-)

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