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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In love with the colors ... :)

One of my chairs from the upholsterers, just came in ... and I loved the way it turned out ... I found this really beautiful Kantha piece in cotton. What I loved was the geometric embroidered motif.

 Pairing the hotpink with our new cushions ... and a few of our other Kantha pieces ... :)) ... its fun to discover how I have been working with these happy cheerful colors ... and I didn't even realise how they have overrun my life.

... and definetly no denying I feel the effect of these colors ... they really do rub off on you ... :)) even this yummy pink tray from our range of tray @ rajeesood.com  ... can imagine the pop of color on your table ... :)

... and definitly loving how our Kantha range is growing. Our new collection of pieces is all ready ... we are in the process of getting them prepared for the store ... and hopefully you'll get to see and buy  them real soon.If you'd like to see our current range of cushions you can find them here.


Don Barnes said...

Hey, Rajee!! As usual, your color choices are spot on. I'd like to see the whole chaie, now that it's been redone. I already know it will be stunning.

Shubh raatri/din.

Unknown said...

Show us the complete chair! I love love hot pink :-)

turmericnspice said...

I want to c the complete chair too love the hot pink !!

Priyanka said...

Hi Rajee, Black pink and yellow and pink again they all look awesome together! Beautiful

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