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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In support of the stray dogs ... in support of Aarohi's work... :)

 These posters have been playing on my mind for a while ... in support of the stray dogs ( please read Indie Dogs) ... there is a whole load of what happens to them ...what can be done and what does get done ...
It is all about being humane ... caring for them ... and yes! there are some ... doing a lot in the best way they know. Artists like Aarohi ... in more ways then one ... are leading the way. I am in love with her new collection. And stand in full support of her gorgeous work and the cause that helped her shape such a beautiful collection.
 The dog motif inspired by the stray dogs ... is truly amazing. The colors that Aarohi has worked with ... :) ... well ! completely down my alley I'd say ... :))

 ...the clutch ... well sure a style statement and definitely a conversation piece ... so be prepared for loads of eyes popping and people keen to chat up with you suddenly ... :)

... my must have ... :)))))) ... the  ...a... ahhhh! ... well I'll tell you, moment I get my hands on it ... I had my heart set on it since the day Aarohi mentioned and shared some sneak -peaks with me ... my heart skips a beat ... I am in love ...  Aarohi, ... I am soooo dying to get my piece from your collection ... :))
If you want to see her collection ... click right here  and find out more about her ....  and her work by a lil' click-click ...  here.
And guess what, if you are in Bangalore ... well! lucky you ... do pop over ( and make me J ... ) at          
    100 ft. Boutique. Bar. Restaurant.
   777/1 , Near Satyapaul,
   Opp. New Horizon School ,
   HAL  2nd Stage,
   100 ft. Rd. ,
   Bangalore, India 560017
  (From 10th -12th Feb.)
   ... as  her collection is showcased  at the fundraiser for and by VoSD .
All the Best Aarohi ... and all the best VoSD.


Aarohi said...

Thank you so very much for this Rajee. your support made all the difference to me :-)

Srija Padmnanabhan (Chickoo) said...

Whoo hoo! how cool is that. I first saw Aarohi's work on your blog and it caught my undiluted attention. The colors are wonderful and the motifs, well aren't they the USP.

Rituparna said...

I really love those bags. It is such a great way to make your opinion known with a word spoken.

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