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Friday, March 9, 2012

A paint job and colors I am working with ... :)

Here's a sneak peek into my curret project ... and as every Interior Designer will tell you the most difficult clients are your own family ... really, nothing can challenge your creative wits and credentials like home turf... :)
 Luckily, my dreams of messing around with black ... didn't meet the same fate as the hot pink story 2 yrs. ago ... :)) ... and oh! yes ... have to mention ... the ones most in love with the choice have been my 6yr. old and her friends  ... thankyou kiddos ... ;))

  But honestly ... this has been one fun time experimenting ... and pushing myself to  not compromise or chicken out. Doesn't that happen to you ... you always have this gorgeous color in mind ... and dream of putting it on your walls ... only to chicken out for the more 'safer' colors and shades.

... but come on, there's nothing like playing it safe ... its the walls of your own space ... how much more personal can it get ... and to not have the colors you want... :) Inspite of all logical reasoning ... it still takes something to say yes! and not wake up in the middle of the night with knots in your stomach.
  I am working with Asain paints for the complete painting job and not just the paints. And I must say this... so far ... with just half the job done ... I am happy ... ofcourse full review of the Asian Paints  painting services ... well! only after the full job is done ... :)
 Hope you are ready with those queries of yours ... feel free to find me here on blogger or on FB or e-mail me at rajeesood(at)gmail(dot)com
Will share a lil' more in the next few posts ... about the colors I am using ... tiny hitches and glitches. Hope you'll join in and make this more fun.


Neo said...

I totally love the black and white combination!
Always wondered if it was ridiculous as i hadn't seen it anywhere before!
But now?
It's pretty cool!

CrimsonAnna said...

Love it:) I could definitly live in a room like that:)

Rajee Sood said...

:)))) @ Neo ... I have a thousand doubts everymorning ... but what the hell ! one life to live. Am I glad you liked the colors ... actually the white is only in the ceiling... I picked a taupe/grey shade for the rest of the walls. Have loads of accents to rework to go with this scheme of colors ... loving it every bit ... :))

Rajee Sood said...

Hi CrimsonAnna ... love to hear from you. Glad you love the colors too ... :))

Asian Paints said...

Dear Rajee, we would be happy to receive feedback from you. Do let us know if we can be of any assistance. Will be awaiting further posts from you on your experience.

Shilpa said...

Wow..really a bold color choice, can't wait to see the finished result.

Unknown said...

luks awesome!!must say thts a brave step...cant wait for the final result...all the best!

Unknown said...

Black looks stunning...with a touch of brass here and there and i think u'll have a masterpiece :)

Divya Pewekar said...

Looks stunning. But doesn't it make the room dark?

alpha sudirman said...

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