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Friday, November 16, 2012

A live centrepiece ... in love with succulents ... :)

A live and green centre piece ... changing every now and then ... always got something interesting happening right there on your coffee table  ... now I really do like that kind of interesting pieces around me ... pretty sure you'd find them infectious too ... well! ... someone did ...
... back in Dec. of 2011 ... I did this post about a green centre piece with succulents ... you can have a peek at it here. Its around the same time of the year ... and I was super excited  getting a request to do a similar piece for a fellow Gurgaonite and a lovely blog reader of mine ...
... this is what the piece I did looked like just after plantation and a bit of watering ... I really hope you loved your piece, Sonia ... :))

 ... in all that looking around for the right pot for her I got bitten by the temptation bug ... :)) ... and look what happened ... ;))

 ... Gosh ! I really hope you got some bit of the infection too ... :)) Now who would mind being down with the green bug ... ;) in the winter ... aaahmm !well ! ... the hubbies may be ... ;))


Unknown said...

Wow Rajee.... the center pieces and the pots.. drool. me too have also been bitten by the green bug. awesome pictures. and lucky Sonia to get and awesome centerpiece with succulents.
And me too a Gurgaonite(nice word).... love your garden and your topiary deers. Where did you got those from.... please do tell me!!!
Visit my blog sometimes if you wish!


Unknown said...

amazing house rajee and amazing blog .. i loved everything about your home .. really the center pieces are amazing.. do tell me where did u get them

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