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Monday, November 19, 2012

Just my point of view ... ;))

 ... these days ... tucked away in my Study/studio/home office ... ;)) ... are these two huge canvas... (I love working on big pieces) ... so the story behind them is ... I needed some elements of white in my drawing room ( talk about a designer's mind at work ). And I had intially decided to paint the wind ... ;)) ... I know ... I know ... not an original idea ... but I also know no one's coming after me with their patented pieces ... ;))
But I got inspired by some gorgeous silver piece of jewellery I have been drooling over at the FB page of an FB friend.  :)))) ... come on ideas need to change... so the wind blew some bit of the idea away and ... in, popped the jewelery piece ... I still want to keep the white canvas ...

... cause I do not happen to be an artist ... I love the starting bit of the  painitng ... and then as if it was a jigsaw puzzle... I sit down stuck with the thoughts of how the hell do I finish it ... ;)). May be I should have stuck to the idea of painting the wind ... but hey! life is kind of fun getting stuck and then figuring out the way out ... :)
 ... with all due apologise to the awesome artists going tsch...tsch ... :)) ... ladies and gentlemen ... just my point of view ... :))))))))))))))))))))))))


Aarohi said...

I think both the canvases are beautiful just as they are. I wish you had made the pieces a little bigger though.
I think they will look beautiful framed. Actually since the piece is smaller- why not paint a faux frame od a bit of your fabulous bandini/katha as a drape or border... hmm. Ideas a plenty. But I LOVE!!

Unknown said...

Hey Rajee!!
I double what aarohi said. and in another case you could just draw a lady with jewels on her...all intricate and to keep the white element pop up just paint the jewels and keep every other thing colorless....
And in any case if you dnt like the result,gift me one... i am always willing to appreciate your art and artistic abilities.

P.s Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving in a comment.And ofcourse for following back.:-)


Anonymous said...


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