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Saturday, August 3, 2013

My home studio redo begins ...

These are the images on how my studio space at home is coming along.  I really needed to get cracking on this room cause ...the way it looked ... messed and stuffed with things I needed to fig.out my gig with ... it completely lacked inspiration to work on new ideas ... :(
Honestly, speaking ... I really have no clue how they work on those instant make overs in all the blogs ... cause let me tell you ... some stuff is just not going any where ... and some stuff there is just no other space to put away ... ;))
We rewired my thoughts in the head ... I hated the idea of my work table against the wall ... but hard as it was I gave it a shot  ... aaaaaaand well ... so o.k ... I do have more space in the room ... and like ... just to give myself  a lil' thingie to make up for the furniture reshuffle ... :)) ... I gifted myself a full wall pinboard ... :)) ... wow- wee-hee  that really was fun to put up ... as usual the dear carpenter was scandalised with my naked board look ... ;))
But you know what its good they believe you have lost your marbles ... that way they don't bagger you with their suggestions when you really need them to get cracking (with no questions asked) on the design... :)

 So while we talk of redo ... work goes on,can't afford that pretty and clean desk look ... 'am working on a new lot of pieces that came in from the workshop and I need to finish up with some embellishing
...lol ! ... please, don't ask me about the baskets up there ... :) ... I bought them for my show back in Jan., from the wholesale market for peanuts ... but since I have a thingie for baskets ... nobody dare get me to chuck them ... so I thought of it and that's where they stay ... UP THERE ... :))
But as we chug along ... some old projects seem to be miss fits for the new redo ... like the study chair ... loved the fabric when I put it up some months back ... not any more ... its just not doing anything for the room ...

 ... OOOOh! yeah ... moved my fav. mirror into my studio ... and I thought of putting it on the wall ... but so far ...  aaaa nooo .. I think I like it standing against the wall ... yep! just like that ... :)

 ... and in case you are rolling your eyes about that big  dry branch ... :)) ... love it ... it broke off from my ficus tree in the garden one stormy evening ... and never the one to miss an oppurtunity ... I dried it and there it is  ... in my fav. room ... :) ... have been toying with the idea of fairy lights on it ... and ofcourse, my lil' babe ... completely approves of the thought ...

 ... so while we are nowhere near finished stage ... I thought it would be great to share with all of you ... how things are moving here in the home studio ... the most neglected part of the house ... where most working hours I spent ... and its always a call between should I do this or should I be working ... or gosh! I  have had enough of this room ... :))
But hopefully changing a few more thingies and I shall have that awesome and cozy den that I felt like I always should have.
And incase I got you interested in doing up your den or studio ... well! do pop over to our inspiration board on pinterest here ... and promise I'll keep adding in more of the images that inspire me ... :)


Crystal Grandeur said...

Hi and Hello Rajee..Your studio redo is cute and i like your wall color and my favorite color too.The mirror looks lovely against the wall along with other things.Prettily done and i think you are going spend more time there.Hope you too visit my blog and all the best.Love...sujatha..:):)

baker in disguise said...

2 of my fav things of your redone studio.. is that dried out ficus branch and I simply love the idea of fairy lights on it!! and another thing I love is the upholstery of your chair.. so pretty.. isn't it one of your designs?!

Unknown said...

Hi Rajee, i am a real fan of yours because in your blogs everytime there is some newness and simple fuss free designs.

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Sujatha,
It sure is turning out to be good fun ... I do hope slowly I'd be able to make it my cosy den and studio ... :)Thanks and will sure be dropping by.


Rajee Sood said...

Hi there @ Baker in Disguise,
I really love the ficus branch ... the upholstery project of the chair was mine ... but now I think in the present scene ... we need a redo. As for the fabric that came from Fab India ... :)

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Simmar,
Thankyou for the lovely words ... wipes out clean all the monday morning blues ... ;)

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