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Monday, August 12, 2013

Looking for Buddy ...

Its a heartbreaking every time you hear it ... but yes, having a family member go missing is really really difficult. Everytime I look at a golden retriever at any of the shelters posting the picture on Face book ... can't start wondering if I should share it with Buddy's mum. I know they have and still are going through a traumatic time. What their 7 yr. old son may be going through ... :( ... lets not even imagine it.
Urmi, I know all the thoughts that go through your mind as the mother. But believe me there are a lot of people out there who'd pray for your lil' buddy to be fine and be found some day, soon.
As I always end up sharing what's on my mind and not just that this is supposed to me a design blog. Here is asking all who may read my blog and live in the NCR region. Would be wonderful if we could do our tiny bit ... in helping Buddy's family reunite with their boy. He is about 2 yrs.old and  went missing from his home in Gurgaon about a few months back. As usual we suspect he was stolen. But all thoughts now rest in the fact that he may be found by someone and may be at some shelter.
If you do come across something you feel can help the family ... please reach Urmi ( mother) at urmidasgupta(at)yahoo(do)co(dot)uk  or call her at +9999002223 .

The family has been bothered by many calls from unscrupulous elements trying to take advantage of their situation. Please, lets be sensitive and if we can't help ... lets just pray that Buddy comes home real soon.

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