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Saturday, October 5, 2013

thanks for asking ...;)) ... it went well ... :)

 Had an absolute fab time shooting with the team from one of India's Shelter magazines ... so let me be honest ... I was soooo freaked out. Its quite one thing to style and shoot my own styling projects and product shoots... quite another story to do it for someone else ... :)
... the house still smells of all the flowers ... and that testifies ... natural fragrances for the home ... sniff... sniff .. :) ... juuust lovely. Am I glad I had a complete free hand at the styling part in this shoot ... and seeing the professionals shoot ... is really something else.

... completely thankful to the team for laughing off my gitters and having total faith in me ... :) Now I am super excited to see how the pictures turn out. Will keep you all posted as to how it turns out and share more about it as I am updated myself. 
In the mean while, this has sure put me in the festive  mood ... so lets head oooon ... :) 

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Wow how cool! im sure the shoot yielded top of the line, droolworthy images!

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