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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Designing for pepperfry.com at the India Design 2014 ... Part 1 ... :)

Last month saw me designing for pepperfry.com at the India Design 2014 ... as they showcased their in house furniture line under the brand name Mudra. A gruelling month and half of preparations ...

... saw the metamorphosis of our concepts and design ... from our sketches to the final execution on site ... I'd love to take you on a visual journey through a few moments leading up to the final opening at the cocktail night of India Design 2014 ...

  ... this is quiet what the Pavillion in Hall - C, looked like on the opening night ... not a trace of all the crazy and frantic two nights that went behind the set of the complete show ... us included in all that maddening craziness ... but believe me, as a designer ... sure it saps you ... :) ... but oh! what a heady buzz it gives ... Yup ! I completely forgot the cocktails ... was so high on all the after thrill of 2  sleepless nights ... :)
  Ashish Shah, Co-founder and COO at Pepperfry.com ... as he flew in from Mumbai with rest of the team ... ah! the joy of ... handing over the stall to a thrilled bunch ... talk of instant gratification.

... so I am a bit of a tickler for perfection ... well! at least when it comes to work ... and  leaving nothing to chance we started our prep.'s back at the pepperfry basement.

 :) ... a very co-operative ... enthusiastic pepperfry team ... it's fun to work with people who can be totally hands on ... and sure no complaints as I descended  with all the accents and furniture ... I have them showing me some of the packaging material ... which was to be part of the design concept ... hey! e- commerce right ... :))

... I used the mint line of their furniture for this show ... and all the accents used either accentuated the look or were on similar lines of nautical or Industrial Chic ...

once I had tried the table setting ... I knew I could sleep much better ... :))
Hope, you are enjoying the post ... the next part of this should get you into having a look at the total craziness that unfolds at the venue ... you know, as prepared as you may think you are ... there is always a curve ball thrown at you from out of no where ... :)
So, I'll be back to share some more pictures  ... and oh! will you get an idea of what goes on behind the scenes ... at the shows you go to ... that look so neat, pretty and ... well! you know what I mean ... :))



Sharon said...

Enjoyed reading this post, Rajee! You did an amazing job!

Payal said...

Your table setting is really good! Enjoyed this post. However be careful of the brand you associate with, Mudra has good designs but the worst quality..personal experience extremely bad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Payal,
Sorry to hear about your experience. Could you please drop me a mail - garima.s@pepperfry.com ; would like to know your feedback and resolve it at the earliest.


Perfect Witch said...

Rajee: Would you know which pepperfry lanterns are these on the table?

Unknown said...

I extremely prefer this style, it's so comfy, I honestly like modern interior design.

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