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Friday, July 18, 2014

Vineeta and her new online store ... :)

Loved this picture of Vineeta  with Ronitaa Italia Dhanu, Editor, GoodHomes Magazine which awarded ArtnLight "most inspiring blogger" Award 2013
This lady with her 220 watt smile has been someone I have admired from my very early years of blogging ... while she was already a pro at it ... and wrote some amazing posts on art and ... infact a whole array of topics , which was mind blowing because there was so little being written about those topics and how she added her perspective to things ...
And then one fine day I read all about her working after work to take on the challenge of putting her products at an exhibition and follow her passion... ( correct me if I am wrong Vineeta) ... it was frames  and boxes and alphabets ... :))
The adventurous Vineeta ... now has her own online store, here

If you love her products ... this should be a very very happy news to you ... :) ... if you are just discovering her work ... wow ! that should be a thrilling news for you ... :))

... so do pop over to her online store  and do explore the works of another very talented Indian Designer. All the best Vineeta ... ;))


Vineeta said...

Rajee, Thank you so much for this post, I'm so touched you remember, yes I used to work after working hours and that's how this whole thing started :)
And yes I did make trays boxes and typographic work in my 1st exhibition :)
It is an honour to be featured in a blog I respect so much.

Rajee Sood said...

Vineeta ... I hate to sound formal ... but yes, pleasure is all mine... :)

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