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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On the wall ... :)

Just pulled out a few pictures from sometime back. The weak side of my heart falls instantly in love with textiles ... ;)) ... its an instant ... illogical ... complete ... crush, every time I come across textiles ...  and so it is obvious, if you live in a country like India ...  either you are nutty about them like me ...or you have an overdose of it pounding down on you from every where ... ;))

 ... many of you will be rolling your eyes and thinking ... Aaah! lady ... I love it ... but this sort of stuff has no place in my contemporary home ... ;)) ... Right ... ! Well ! my two cents ... if you love it ... it does ... reinvent the way you put it in your home ...
And so I was looking at more contemporary ways to present that ... we worked on framing these few pieces of vintage embroidered pieces ...

 ... mind you right kind of framing makes a piece looks gorgeous ... or the flip side is you'll end up hating it. There is that thing about being careful about what you mount your textile on ... you don't want to ruin it ... does your piece need a mount around it ... sometimes that little no - mans land feel that a mount creates ... is what visually makes the piece stand out.
And yes, gilded framing doesn't always make a piece look aesthetically appealing or the other way round ... if you are using plain mono color or bare wood frames.
The textile piece and of course your personal taste aaaand where it is destined to be placed can help you decide on your look for your fav. textile.
I do have a bad thingie for art picked for the walls for the sake of having something up there ... I am more for thinking and putting up pieces you have a connection with ... and if nothing else ... even your own pictures could be a great idea ... Aahhha ! may be we can talk all about it in a future post ...  a lil'  chat up about family pictures around the home.
:)) ... hope I leave you with some ideas brewing in your mind .. and a lil' wosh ! wosh ! in your heart about  that idea of yours that you had been nudging you ... well ! go for it ... have fun ... and feel free to leave me a comment ... message me on facebook  or e-mail me at  rajeesood(at)gmail(dot)com ... if you need any help... :)

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