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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Life In Colours ... contest ... for all house proud folks out there ... :)

Our colour talk is getting on to the next level ... quite literally ... :) ... looks like the creative team at Good Homes, is thinking colour too. I am told their latest issue talks all things colour at home and they are going all out talking to you about colours. With all the details I'm given ... honestly, looks like I'll be grabbing one copy myself to see what all the designers are talking about in it... :)

So, talk of next level ... :) Label -  Rajee Sood and Good Homes would love to hear from you what you make of colours in your home. Do join us as we explore along with all our readers ... with the girls and guys over at Good Homes aaaand with me ... :)
Are you the one among your friends ... who makes them say ... woah! you got guts putting that colour on the walls ... or are you the one who takes painting creams and beige's to a whole different level. :)) ... so either ways ... we all have our own special way of bringing in colour in our home ... and that is just amazing ... so time you shared that amazing ... with the rest of the world ... ;))
Charge those camera batteries and get set to click ... send us the pictures of your home. And tell us about it ... you know ... we are all suckers for the inside story ... the gossip and some pictures to ogle ... we'll love it ... and we'll envy ... hell, we may even get jealous ...;)) so go ahead ... click - click and ...
                                               mail them to me and here is where ...
                                               no. of pic's  ... :)) ... no limit ...
( if you have the time and passion to click ... we'll assure you we want to see them all ... honestly )
                                                     send them in by  Aug. 24th
         (that means you have 2 weekends to shop a few things ... prep it up ... style and click )

 Honestly, all homes that are created with passion ... show it ... but we'll pick one winner on the 27th Aug.

And since you have so much fun with sending in your stories and your pictures ... the guys at Good Homes, want to add in a gift hamper of Rs. 3,000 ( sponsored by Tangerine and Printed Noise) for the winner.
So, do join in  ... do tell us your story ... you never know you'll be the next big inspiration for somebody.So is a winner sitting right there at home ... :))

P.S - incase you got a question feel free to reach out ... incase you are not sure the best way to click your home ... feel free again ... would love to help. If I confused you somewhere in all that talk ... the e-mail again ... is ... rajesood(at)gmail(dot)com

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