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Friday, August 8, 2014

That decision about colours and you and your kind of colours ... ;))

source : pinterest
Some of you who follow me on pinterest may have noticed I spent the better part of the night, the other day ... digging up (on pinterest)... colour palettes and mood boards ... the reason ... of course I love pinterest ... and no I did not have a tiff with the hubby ... ;) giggle ...;)
So the real deal was that colours and co-ordinating colours ... even picking them ... for that matter, is a scary thought for most people ... co-ordinating the colour schemes into other material and textures ... :/ ...
You can well imagine then ... what brews when I have to work with clients ... there is a lot that goes into getting the colour theory right for a project. To put it in a nut shell ... yes, the whole hoopla about colour scheme is not really a hoopla ... its got a lot of sense working on it ... getting it right may save you  a lot of money and anxiety. So getting a professional involved may not be a bad idea at all.
                             source : pinterest
... if you'd be keen to get to know more about how colour boards  ... mood boards and how colour co-ordination works .. you might want to drop by and see some of what we have over at my pinterest board here.
I do promise to add more inspiration on this board. In case you love any particular colour and looking to work on that ... feel free to share your thoughts and concerns with me ... :) and as usual ... find us on facebook ... leave us a message here( I know blogger bombs a lot when comments are to be posted ... ??? ) ... or e-mail us at rajeesood(at)gmail(dot)com

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