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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Potter's Bazaar 2014 ...

There is something about the winter weekends that we all look forward to ... a bit of warm sunshine ... a bit of green somewhere  ... combine it with loads of creative people and make the location something as amazing as Anandgram and we are talking about a lovely weekend.
For all the collectors  ... for all those looking to start a new collection ... or those wanting to have a peek at the amazingly creative potter's from around India ... DON'T ... miss the Pottery Bazaar 2014.
If you have already been there before ... well just imagine what awaits this year ... if you haven't ... well take my word for it ... I love it each year. And sure I'll be there too ... nooo ... not as a potter ... but as a passionate aficionado of pottery... hanging around to be bitten by the creative bug ... :)
Get the details of the event on face book here.

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