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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Have a peek into the Pottery Bazaar 2013 ... :)

Just got these pictures from Rekha Bajpe Agarwal ... from over at the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust. Thankyou soooo ... much Rekha ... I know you are right now swamped with tons of things  ... I should have shot some of these images myself, last year ... ;))
But I was a kid at the candy store ... seriously forgot all about the camera ... and I am sooo looking forward to seeing all those artists again this year and hoping for so much more ... :)) 


 I am not going to say much over this post ... just that the place ... the people ... and its the best setting one can wish for. Hope to hear from all of you who'll be dropping by... :)
See you all there ... and remember ... do bring along sturdy bags to carry back your treasures ... :)))

                                               Rekha Bajpe Agarwal ( Delhi Blue Pottery Trust)

And when you see the lady above ...
o.k so I am dead already ... :)

1 comment:

baker in disguise said...

Oh my.. this is pottery heaven!! as a food blogger I am always on the lookout for beautiful mugs, platter, dishes.. I'd go mad!!! one of the few times.. I wished I lived in delhi..

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