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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gloomy days call for some ... flower love ... :)

The last time I did a post about Simi's home in Karachi ... I had a whole lot of readers signing in from Pakistan ... :) I was seriously bowled over by that.Over the last couple of posts its been fun watching many a sign in coming  from Tunisia ... A big hi to all of you out there ... Especially to Asma ... it's always great to hear from you ... :))
 ... soooo ... this post may be more about, I love flowers ... I love white flowers ... and I have super crazy fun trying on the tone on tone ... texture on texture... arrangements ... ;)) But I am not trying to break the chain of thoughts from the last post ... we are very much still on the coffee table ... just a more in detail ... sort of way ... ;)

 ... the fun of arranging with the same fav. flowers gets an extra zing if  I try them out into something(as in an arrangement) with a new container ... whoever told you flowers only went in the flower vase ... well ! sorry puritans ... :)

I am a person who loves to believe being organised is the way to be ... only I never remember where the hell I organised my things ... so if I use a lidded container it was not style to just have the lid over the side ... I knew I'd loose it if I put it away somewhere. But I liked it just the way in the end ... :)Looked like flowers just popped out and the lid slipped by the side ... ;)
As for those of you wondering how we go about using a wide mouth container ...There are a couple of tricks ... in this arrangement I used the oasis ( the green color brick thingy) that you see at the florist's place.But I made sure I cover it all with the flowers so it really looks all  .... uuuh ! la laa ... ;))
Back to the coffee table series soon ... and may be will share a bitty about that jute table runner of mine ... :)


Unknown said...


Your decor ideas a really awesome.
White flowers are my favorite. I just love the Rajnigandha flower.

Unknown said...
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